Monday, March 7, 2011

A very demanding job that bores me!

At first it excites me! Writing in fact is my hobby. But technical writing gets into my skin. It's a kind of work that's very exhausting.

I can not personally claim that I am a good writer. I dream to write short stories or novels. In fact I have started a few but I did not finish writing them. I am neither a literary writer nor a technical one. In my high school years, I have written a fable; I can not remember how I come up with the concept but I guess I have patterned it from something, somewhere. In this blog, you can find several unfinished stories, which I hope someday when I got time I can complete them and produce a good piece. But again, I am simple a budding writer.

When I started my consultancy, paperworks frequent my suitcase, been my bed mats, or my floor litters. I usually produce travel reports, simple guidelines in print for whatever stuff I propose to simplify and/or for my clients to follow as an easy/ier approach on something, professional or personal. Simple writeups are my constant produce. Until I got into a consultancy catering technical assistance that I have to write professional manuscripts. These manuscripts are subject to peer reviews, for publications, for professional use either as reference material or literature in research. This threatens me, yes it awes me but it intimidates me, pressures me.

With USAID's Philippine Water Revolving Fund Support Program, I have developed one, already in print, a guidebook for multipurpose cooperatives entitled a "Guide to Ring-fencing for Multipurpose Cooperatives with Water Services". This will be launched this March 15, 2011 at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa, Manila with its College of Cooperatives. I also have co-authored a "Guide to Strategic Business Planning for Local Government-run Water Utilities" and it is in the final stage of revising. This will be printed by month of April and hope to be launched by May with the League of Cities/Municipalities in the Philippines.

Now, I am in the process of developing a supplemental guidebook to the "Guide to Ring-fencing of Local Government-run Water Utilities" initially developed by the Water and Sanitation Program of World Bank. This is one of the works that haunts me. I have been wanting to finish and complete it this month of March but I am stuck at its beginning. Yes, I already have the complete outline, but to put everything together, to write all necessary steps to complete one process, block me. Just lately, my bosses have involved me in completing a chapter in the "Guide to Performance Contracting for Water Service Providers". The section involves the contracting of LGU personnel to improve water service operation of its waterworks through granting of incentives for good performance or achievement of the contract provision and imposition of a corresponding penalties in case of failure or breach of contract agreement.

Moreover, these documents when through, before layouting and printing, will be subject to review by peers - individuals/professional - who will comment or critique the contents, the works, the technicalities, the presentation, even the packaging.

I know I can do them all but they (both my bosses, the peer reviewers, the deadlines and the manuscript writing) haunt me. The pressure really block me from continuing and finishing the writeups. I need a peace of mind. I need a new environment. The expectations of me producing these stuffs bore me.

I left nothing but to continue and finish my works. Relax... Take a deep breath... Type.

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