Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am Nurse - An Inspirational Message

March 22.

My nursing professors approached me one Saturday and asked me to do a testimony. I only realized that it is actually an inspirational message when I arrived at the venue at Catalina Hall, fifth floor of the College Building. Fortunate, I prepared one long speech, a smorgasbord of personal experience and insights, testimonies of JP Sioson's quality of education, and inspirational message.

Here it is:

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

If there's a goal keeper, I am the goal chaser!I always stand for what I believed in. I always chase for my dreams. Find ways to realize my wishes. And thus my parents called me one stubborn son. This for me is never hardheadedness but persistence and tenacity. On one hand, I am also reminded of the cliche "be careful what you wish for!" I tell you it's true. It may not be entirely the whole thing as you imagined it but in some way, somehow, it will be granted to you. I can vividly reimagine myself wishing upon a falling star. Those were days in the province where nightsky is clear and twinking stars are a wonder. It would always occur to me, expressed or no, it would always fall on me, said aloud or just a thought, that "I wish to become a doctor!" Never did it change since. Well, I have not wished one when I relocated in Manila for here shooting stars are infrequently seen if not entirely a site in the Manila sky.

In many seemingly insurmountable and inexplanable circumstances and challenges in life, the fact that I am a product of a poor family, I ended up an Accountant. Since then, earning a medical degree is really an expensive investment. Nevertheless, my life and my family's life particularly has been blest with my profession. Accounting afterall which talks about business is a lucrative profession. Yes, it made me feel satisfied, financially content, but far complete. There is something, somewhere in me that's lacking.

Year 2005 came - the year when Nursing was a boom, a hit, and a passport (quote and quote) profession. Along with some fellow accountants, we decided to enroll and search for the school suitable to our needs, friendly to our schedules... and of course somehow affordable. We have scoured the whole Metro Manila and found JP Siosn as the right answer. Being a weekday laborer, weekend at Sioson is such a relief, a privilege,  and a new learning experience. A diversion in fact as it is entirely different from my known profession. Everyday of learning nursing resurrected in me my dream of becoming a doctor. I said "I am close!"

From three of us accountants, I am the sole survivor. Of course there were bumps and humps along road that almost blocked me from pursuing nursing degree. There was even a U-turn slot I encountered during my internship, my first day at National Children's Hospital. Being assigned to the gastro-intestinal ward, a very foul smell welcomed us at the doorstep. I remember leaning on the dorrpane asking myself, "What am I doing here? With my current job, swaying on my swivel chair is a luxury. Is this really my new calling? And if I have to retreat, I have to make up my mind now!" But you know, ladies and gentlemen, seeing beyond that, the patients' hunger for care because they're infirm, in pain, miserable, which at least you can lend a soothing hand has drawn me in. Being there, yet as a student-nurse, really felt gratifying, more fulfilling. I realized that nurses are a help in every need, a delight amidst pain and misery, a bearer of positive vibes, full of inspirational messages, tapping a soothing hand, a fill that bridged the gap between the patients and watchers and the medical service providers. Nursing indeed is an expression of TLC (tender loving care).

JP Sioson for me as a student is a one-stop shop of branded or signature goods. Our related learning experiences or insternship was with noted institutions, Veterans' Memorial Hospital, Philippine Childrens' Medical Center, National Children's Hospital, Bernardino General Hospital, Philippine Orthopedic Center, San Lazaro Medical Center, to name the few. Even lying inns were bestsellers, I mean box-office. Thus plenty of cases to account. Even before graduation, this school provided us an in-house review which I took advantage of, despite my frequent out of town work travels or in real sense, absences. In fact, that review course was enough for me to take the licensure exam. Of course I have no intention to top the board exam, as it is not part or one of my dreams, so I refused enrolling to a formal review class. I successfully passed the nursing board exam in June 2008. Well, I really have to, I need it to realize my medical degree dream at least. Because I know I will never be a doctor; I am too old for that and still cannot afford it by myself. But at least now, I am close to doctors anyway.

Our Alma Mater, the JP Sioson, may not be known in the country or abroad for whatever field of excellence, but for me, it has the excellence of providing the best curriculum most particularly for working students, at undergrad and even in post-grad programs. One last thing I am grateful for is the weekend volunteer program. I don't need to leave my work in order to practice my nursing profession. This is a remarkable pre-employment program available for second-courses; a best practice that only JP Sioson has license to offer. I am currently benefiting the program and I can proudly declare that it is such a "full-house". With fullhouse I mean that Ward is never empty, Operating Room is never slack, Emergency Room never sleeps. Most of the time it may be benign but rest-assured you will never leave empty-handed in experience. This so far always made me complete; the empty chamber of my life is now somehow filled.

Nowadays, nursing may no longer a trend, it may have lost its fame, but don't despair... it is just for a time being. Everyone of us, nurses or wannabes, has a place in this profession. Let us keep our hopes high and keep chasing after our dreams, one step at a time. If ever you draw or have drawn your options or plans now, please don't discount the offer that JP Sioson always has. This I leave you: JP Sioson may be a small institution, both hospital and college, but it is big and rich in related learning experiences, in culture, and as a  family. Put JP Sioson your number one in list... to recommend to others, to draw your career plan.

Thank you very much! And congratualtions!

There were lots of ad lib and segues made. And I am so flattered to be applauded four times at the least.