Saturday, May 21, 2016

May Bakasyon, May Big Celebration

As scheduled, our family readied for the summer vacation.

En and I followed Mama Dulcing, Jun my brother-in-law, and Baby WanWan on May 14. They went on May 8 ahead of us for Mama to vote the May 9 National Election and for Jun to celebrate their home-barangay fiesta with his family. Following the same route, we flew to Butuan airport and was picked up by our nephew Entoy, accompanied by Jun and WanWan. We drove to straight to Surigao  finalized all preparations with Ate Emily for May 15 celebrations, from spices to desserts, before proceeding home to Anao-aon Surigao del Norte.

May 15 marked a day of many celebrations, plenty to be grateful for. Our whole family commemorated the First Death Anniversary of Papa Tantong. His younger sister, Auntie Tina and Velarde family came to join us. That day also was a Thanksgiving Blowout of Atty. Entoy, our oldest nephew from our oldest brother Daniel and Ate Mely who passed the Bar Exam held in November 2015 which results had just been released in April 2016. It was also the Feast day of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers like Papa Tantong. And on that day, our Auntie Sidra, our father's youngest sister, celebrated her 56th birthday.

All my friends I invited came. It was very memorable to accept back to our fold one of my long lost friend, Victor Ortiz whom I cut communications with after some business issues. Refer to previous articles. That was also the very first day for a very long time that I joined with friends to go to Parang, Gigaquit that celebrated the fiesta during nighttime amidst heavy rains and thunderstorms in order to visit my ever dearest Madam Rebecca Febrero, our dean during my Accountancy years in St Paul University Surigao.

Our family vacation lasted until May 20 and in between I attended more parties like the birthday of my friend and a MBA professor, Windrow Bugas on May 18 and my cousin Manang Neneng Candia's on May 19.


We also enjoyed going to the beach, like on May 16, we talked to the nearest Punong Beach to witness the marvelous sunset and on May 19, we spent the whole day sunbathing at Looc Pebble  Beach.

Other than visiting Papa Tantong's tomb, I also offered flowers and lit candles to the sisters, Tweet and Caca Lozada's tombstones. They were both my dear friends in Surigao, who both died of Lupus Erythematosus (?).

And on May 20, while Mama and En went to Butuan ahead of me to process their passports with DFA Butuan, I met with more lady-friends, Juris, Annabel and Manang Lolong (Liza and Nanan were absent but we three were together during the trip to Parang) and treated them to a coffee and pastries at Figura in Gaisano Surigao. I joined Mama and En at  Dotties Hotel in Butuan where we passed the night before flying back to Manila early the following morning.

Monday, April 11, 2016


To account for my week's facebook updates while in Taiwan, here we Go:

April 3 - My 2016 adventures started with Taiwan, in the cities of Taoyuan and Taipei, to accompany the Go Family, headed by my dearest classmate and friend, Ruth Arienza-Go. It was indeed a family affair staying at Manang Rhona's residence in Taoyuan City (Manang Rhona is Ruth older sister who married a Taiwanese), with Nanay Glori (Ruth's mother), Auntie Myrna as our cook (Aunt Myrna is Ruth's aunt-in-law), and the day tours were exclusive, chaperoned by Rose (Ruth's younger sister).

Landed safe and sound... and on schedule

Chasing the time to still catch some Cherry Blossoms

April 4 - Some English translations help... But the Citizen's inability or difficulty of speaking English definitely a tourist trapper. Thanks to Manang Rhona's husband and son for the company. Kuya leads, his son translates.. Awesome tandem! 

See the world in one place at Window on China Theme Park.



Roaming around with Auntie Myrna and Rose plus the Wild Water Plunge
April 5 - Another kiddie trip in a foggy noon, feeling some nip in the air outside, traversing the almost empty superhighways. Strange feeling... Indeed, we are somewhere away from home!

Wrong timing! The zoolandians are having siesta... at Taipei Zoo. 

Catch me I'm falling... at the ravine fronting the Wulai Falls right after the waterbiking at Bitan Bridge.  

Water pedaling around the river

Viewing the Wulai Falls from a distance

April 6 - Rocks are formed by the slapping of waves plus the movement of tides, just as fate triumphed over life's challenges, through good and bad times - At Yehliu Geological Park.

Having fun with Auntie Myrna, Manang Rhona and Rose with all the formed and deformed rocks

The higher you climb, the wider your perspectives become. See the world in such light... at Taipei Tower 101. 

A view from the 89th floor of Taipei 101 Tower

Chiang Kai-Shek Monument is One place that reminds of Taiwan plus some taste of cherry blossoms. 

Caught some cherry blossoms in the area

April 7 - At Tiger Mountain, Sharing nature with a friend can be a wonderfully relaxing and invigorating experience. When you get back to your daily routines, you may find yourself daydreaming about that lovely day you spent with your friend and making mental notes about where to go next! Reference: If I Really Wanted to Be a Great Friend, I would…

Help me read the sign...

April 8 - On to unplanned tour... Hope it pays the long distance at Xinwu District...And it was an expensive disappointment! We got lost and the driver couldn't locate the Green Tunnel.

Lost and Found: We were lost but then we found this view and the beautiful bridge

Blueberry waffle with ice cream: the rewarding dinner shared merrily by friendship, sponsored by Auntie Myrna.

April 9 - Another place and another time to unleash the child in each of us at Lavender Carnival, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village.

A ride with an adorned train of flowers

A ride with a cable car on our way to Sun Moon Lake

Should we care about environment, preserving its natural beauty, harnessing its nature to boost fun and adventure, then everything else are green and gay. At Sun Moon Lake!


April 10 - An eat-all-you-can farewell dinner at Shian Yeou, a Shabu-shabu.

Had a very wanderful experience of Taiwan!
Room: Li's Residence - Special thanks to Manang Rhona for the place to stay for free!
Food: Li's Residence - A round of applause to Auntie Myrna for the delicious, hunger-quenching recipes!
Tours: A million miles of gratitude to Ruth Arienza and Sam Go Jr for the unlimited day tours!

UFO Drop

Gold Mine
Mayan Roller Coaster

Carribean Splash

April 11 - What you see in Taiwan is different and you can see it in me... That's the good thing about travel!