Saturday, July 6, 2013

Arrival of An Angel

An Angel arrived in our family and we named her JC Bella!

Proud to be practicing my neonatal care skills with my little niece, Wanwan! Dipping her on a basin of lukewarm water, wiping her whole body my hands with water and baby bath soap, repositioning her supine then prone, and yet seeing her enj...oying the whole rite, was such a fulfilling and surreal experience. She's definitely aptly called Wanwan: An Amazing Angel!

Nicknaming her Wanwan is based on that AAA alliteration. Wan is how we pronounce the count of 1... Wan is how we call our friends named Juan and her father is named thus... Uttering the word "Wan" twice is how we express our word of endearment...

Wanwan really means first and only one.