Thursday, January 31, 2013

KANTA: Maraming Wala

marami akong napanaginipan, pero wala akong maalala;
marami akong napapansin, pero wala akong napuna;
marami akong gawain, pero wala pa akong naumpisahan;
marami akong gustong bilhin, pero wala akong pera!

marami akong nakamit, pero wala akong nailigpit;
marami akong inangkin, pero walang napapasakin;
marami akong napuntahan, pero walang alaalang iniwan;
marami akong gustong bilhin, pero wala akong pera!

marami akong naisip, pero wala akong maisulat;
marami akong nakaplano, pero walang naipatupad;
marami akong hinala, pero walang nagkakatotoo;
marami akong gustong bilhin, pero wala akong pera!

maraming panahon na napagsabihan ko ang sarili
maraming paraan para kumita o magkapera!
pero kung wala kang lakas ng loob,
pero kung wala kang kapal ng mukha,
may marami ka mang gusto, pero wala kang pera
maraming wala ang mangyayari sa'yo!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Day that I turned 37!

Today is Black Nazarene Day and my start of New Year! I wish He would bless me with a Good Year (not the car wheels, huh)! My frugality would definitely work best this year since I already have huge monthly financial obligations. But I cannot forego overseas trips, domestic travels, parties with friends (though less now-pricey liquors due to sin tax law), movies and popcorns, and dates with my beau. 

My wishlist contains the following:
Jan - Birthday Fun Run
Feb - Valentine Fun Run
Feb - Jakarta and Burubudor Temple
March - Corregidor or Marinduque
July - Jun/En junior
August - Mama and Papa's Manila Visit
August - Hanoi, Loang Prabang and Ayuttayah
October - Papa Tantong's birthday in Surigao 

That would be all. Thank you in advance!

In the eve of my nativity, my partner messaged me, "Gusto ko matupad ang iba pang mga wishes mo sa buhay, makita kitang masaya palagi, at nakangiti despite the heavy tasks at work. In short, I pray everything best to come along your way, for you are a good person."

"You're so sweet my beloved! I want you to know that you are the best thing that ever happened to me, the best gift God has gave me. You are the one who put meaning to my life, my happiness. You are part of my purpose to live and my reason to continue to fight living. Thank you for the love, the inspiration, the life!", I replied.

T'was such a birthday treat!