Friday, July 22, 2011

My Distrust with Best Friends

I consider a friend my bestfriend once our connection becomes intimate reaching the personal level. We come to open ourselves to each other's family; knew each other's parents and/or siblings; and, share each other's rooms and/or wardrobe. We even flirt together, we hangout together, we get drunk together or even get laid together. And so I have lots of bestfriends. Some of the closest are the one's I involved in my other dreams and interests.

I am always interested in business. My oratorical piece in one english subject in college entitled "Go for Business Young Man!" always rings in my ears, though I can no longer remember the whole piece.

When I got the little amount of money, I thought of business venture. And I always involve my best friends in it. My best friends are my college gay friends. We went to college years together; we became close through the Reserved Officer Training Course (ROTC) or the so-called NSTP nowadays.

My first attempt was in 2005. My first business in thought was a refreshment parlor. I found a place in Surigao City (my home city), very strategic in fact; it is surrounded with offices, schools and colleges. I entrusted the operation to one of my bestfriends. He was jobless then so I thought of putting up the store in his favor. I owed him a lot though not financially. His mother is so motherly to me and I stayed in their place whenever I was in the city. That store still exists until today but ever since I had no return on my investment. That store was ransacked twice and the restoration costs were on me. Until such time that I learnt that the store has owed the bank and some other loan-sharks money for the purposes unknown to me. Then I gave up the management and the ownership with only the juice dispenser and the airconditioning unit as my return. My friend continues to operate the store using my BIR and DTI license. From the time that I cleared things out with him, I lost around P120,000.00, and we lost contact. And I lost one of my best of friends. His name is Victor Ortiz.

My second attempt was in Manila. I lived and worked in Surigao City for 5 years after my college graduation. One of my gay friends did not finish college and lived and worked in Manila. I was reunited with him when I got the job in Quezon City. He helped me find an apartment of my own in Commonwealth, Quezon City, where I live until today. He's very businessminded; he's a self-employed sales agent of many things. I admired his resilience, resourcefulness and unigue tactics of living jobless but surviving kind of life. So I trusted him. Then he proposed for a partnership with me in renting out apartment. I invested an initial P30,000 to acquire another apartment unit around the same area where both of our apartments are. Until now, no apartment is acquired and I lost my P30,000. He then proposed another business venture, a beauty parlor. I shelled out another P10,000 for that purpose. The parlor was closed which I was not informed and I lost more money. Until today, I never recovered the amounts I gave him. We never cleared on this matter and we lost contact. His name is Jessie Esaga.

My third attempt was with my classmate and best friend from grade school to high school years. He once lived in my place during his first months in Manila in 2007. He found a fortune with small businesses like manpower services and internet cafe, after having employed in the same industry. In 2010, he was unemployed and proposed to me another manpower business. I bit it and it grew until my investment valued more than P150,000. And then I discovered that such amount of money was never entered into my bank account, the supposed company bank account. I later found out that my friend opened another bank account in his name and all transactions were conducted and posted thereto. This has gone long for almost a year now, a year of me issuing futile checks. I wonder how the hell he afforded watching me sign checks that are never in actual use, no longer a legal tender. I abhor him for swindling me. His name is Al Bernadez. But I cleared this to him... that I want my money back... that I want the business closed... that I want to clear my record in DTI or in BIR or in City Treasurer's Office.

Three attempts, all has failed. I don't know if I learnt my lesson but no... I still want to enter into more businesses, only this time no more best friends.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

'World's Best City'

Manila nor Cebu, Philippines can never be among these cities! I am a Filipino but I am 101 percent sure our major cities are never tourist-friendly as these listed in

Love to know that I have visited the number 1 world's best city... soon I will be in the 7th best city.
Thailand's capital Bangkok has been named the world's best city by influential US travel magazine Travel + Leisure.

Announced as part of its World's Best 2011 Awards issue to be published July 22, the prestigious title was awarded based on the votes of thousands of Travel + Leisure readers who voted for cities around the world.

It is the second year in a row that Bangkok has been named in the top spot, despite a period of civil unrest last year which did considerable damage to Thailand's international reputation as a tourism haven.

The only other Asian city to make an appearance in the top ten was Siem Reap, a major tourist attraction for many on the backpacking trail around South East Asia thanks to its proximity to the famous Angkor Wat temple.
Europe was the major winner in the list of best cities, with five of the top ten, while Africa, America and Australia each gained one place.
World's Best Cities

1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. Florence, Italy
3. Rome, Italy
4. New York City, USA
5. Istanbul, Turkey
6. Cape Town, South Africa
7. Siem Reap, Cambodia
8. Sydney, Australia
9. Barcelona, Spain
10. Paris, France

Among a ranking of the world's best islands also in the issue, Santorini in Greece managed to secure first place, moving up considerably from the sixth-place spot it held in last year's rankings.

The paradise island of Bali in Indonesia managed second-place position, but the real shock was the fall of the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador, which dropped from top spot to tenth place in the rankings.

World's Best Islands

I hope caramoran islands will soon be enlisted
1. Santorini, Greece
2. Bali, Indonesia
3. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
4. Boracay, Philippines
5. Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia
6. Sicily, Italy
7. Big Island, Hawaii, USA
8. Kauai, Hawaii, USA
9. Maui, Hawaii, USA
10. Galápagos, Ecuador

Read the full rankings:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lovelife/Sexlife... Counting the Men in my Life

After acquiring my birthmark in gayhood (I refer to the healed laceration in my anus when I lost my virginity), I ventured into many sexual activities. I initially conditioned myself to rather do cocksucking methods in all of my tricks, than being butt-fucked after the painful anal experience. But a friend told me such pain is normal and felt only during the first encounter, as if a vagina that comes loose after the hymen broke. So I thought of giving it another shot when I attended one public dance in barangay Amontay, another barangay in my hometown at its far west on the way to another town called Malimono; so far from home. Again I felt so beautiful to be crowded by two teenage boys, one manuevering my behind while the other romancing my topless body. When one penis entered my hole, the pain stunned me. I pushed the boy away... Since then, I gave up on being bottom. I can not enjoy this kind of fun(-ck), I concluded. So that evening ended at jerking the two boys off, because I declined at sucking too.

Most Filipino boys, generally straight, took gays for self-gratification. They pursue same sex activity for curiosity sake, which I found very favorable. I took the advantage of luring them (most particularly the hearthrobs) to have me suck their "notes" instead of masturbating by themselves. (We Filipino gays call man's dicks as notes basically because sucking it resembles singing, which involves musical notes, holding a microphone.) This has put me in the A-list of gay-suckers for curious and attractive teenage boys. This was where I got all my tricks. And of course, it all come free of charge.

One unforgettable and very successful luring I did was with the tweens in my home barrio. Barangay Poblacion was the towncenter of Anao-aon where most of the goodlooking teenage boys reside. I tasted the likes of  Toto Maniwang, Dennis Besario, Dennis Gaugano, Jan-jan Clerigo, Romeo Vallente, Jr., Marjun Murillon, Nilmar Pasaporte, and many others. Of course, there were handsome guys from the adjacent barangays, the likes of Erwin Gordonas and Lloyd Pinat. Included in the count are some of my male cousins like Raymond Baldecir, Baloy Japzon and Custer Balboa (just locking lips though). Even my High School classmates and friends, Romie Murillon (just torrid kissing), Loloy Diaz and Cocoy Perez, which I happened to have sex with only after college. And there were a lot more that I can no longer name them. In fact, I have tallied about 195 boys in a piece of paper which I burnt during one lenten recollection way back then... t'was year 1997 I think.

Despite the joys of everyday tricks, I also fumbled into shall we say "formal" relationships with boys. Formal for me means the boy stick with me as a sex partner, like some kind of a retainer (I laugh at this metaphor), for a quite sometime from a year or two. My very first was with someone from Parang, Gigaquit - another town of Surigao del Norte province lying in the east coast towards the Philippine Deep. I was yet in college when I went there with my classmates and met this guy, sad to say that I forgot his real name. Maybe this was not a real relationship afterall, or because he was already dead; he died in Christmas of 2000 during a brawl in their neighborhood. He once membered a local band, and because I love singing I fell for him that same night. But he's a drunkard and so we have not consummated a sex, not even one. It is indeed true that once a man is heavily drunk, he can not afford a real stand. But what flattered me during those times when we seemed steady, was that he never failed to write a love letter to me, handmailed by my classmate, Kareen Dedumo, his neighbor. His name I guessed was buried with him.

One notable relationship I have had with a man was with Reynante Navarro. He was  a nephew of the then Vice Governor Navarro of Surigao province. I met him when he drove a passenger tricycle I hailed one night after a gimmick with gay friends. He's kinda petite with a dwarf-like voice; I have not spoken to a real dwarf but he sounded like those popularized by the radios and TVs as dwarf's. I was immediately attracted to him that night. I successfully flirted with him that he ended up walking me to the front door of my apartment in Navarro street, Surigao city. When I introduced myself, he declared that he already knew me. It flattered me to have such a good-looking fan. But in the long-run I realized that he indeed knew me as the hated instructor of his girlfriend; which I happened to fail in one of my Accounting 1 sections, during my stint as college instructor in Saint Paul University-Surigao, formerly San Nicolas College.

Since our meeting, he then fetched me from school almost everyday at 4pm after my last period and walked me to my apartment. I did not assume then that we were a couple until one afternoon that he himself defined what we are. Flattering! It went on for several months, the fetching from school or the night visits. Sometimes on weekend nights we drove out in his passenger tricycle. When we collected enough from conveying passengers, we will park at the portside, order bottles of beer and get drunk. It usually ended at kissing, necking and petting...

One gloomy night, Reynante knocked at my apartment and asked me for a serious talk. He's soaked with rainwater and declined my invitation to enter the apartment to dry. He instead asked me slap him... in the face. I was stunned, perplexed and petrified! It in fact woke me up that past midnight. I asked him why would I slap him on the face but initially hesitated to speak out. Noticing my uprising irritation, he declared that impregnate his girlfriend, my ex-student, the one I failed in Accounting 1. I uprightly told him to marry her because I thought it was the best thing to do. He told me he can back out if I am interested in adopting the child. What? NOOOOO! I was never a father-figure or a mother-material, if that's the correct term. So we ended that encounter with break up tears. And that day when he and his preggy girlfriend fetched me from school, invited me for a wedding, and assigned me to take care of the wedding cake, was the last time he saw me. I felt bitter, yes!, and so I went into hiding.

My longest serious relationship, although intermittent, was with Toto (Agapito Jr) Salibay. I like him more than the others because he rose from the an underprivileged family as me; both our fathers are farmers, our mothers plain housewives. He lived in a small community in Alang-alang, Ipil, a barangay of Surigao City, more or less two kilometers away from our house. We encountered during one jeepney ride --- he was with his father bringing in bamboo poles from the mountains of barangay Macopa; I was with my elder brother on our way to the city. I kept staring at him, his lips most importantly. I really was drooling at the thin, pink lips... daydreaming locking mine on them. Yes, of course he noticed me, he noticed my fantasy. It was short-lived though when few minutes later the 2-km distance was reached and they disembarked. I followed him with my sweetest smile and he smiled back. Bingo! He liked me too, so I thought.

One February 11 came, feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes, the patron saint of small community of Kabugwason, still a portion of barangay Ipil, lying midway between my and Toto's places. I have ample relatives in the area and so is Toto. I attended the public dance that night wearing white t-shirt, blue baggy maong shortpants, and a trendy rubber sandals, which to my astonishment was almost the same attire he wore. Perfect match in terms of colors but not in brands. We were perfect match!

It has become an exclusive night for the two of us. We stayed at one dark corner of the fenced dance floor, just talking and chuckling at each others punchlines. He walked me home that following dawn and upon saying goodbye he granted me a sweet kiss with a kind of spark I experienced for the first time. It was my first true kiss from a prince charming. I can't help but reminisce it until now.

Our relationship lasted for several years; nine years in my counting, notwithstanding the intermittent shutdowns we encountered. Well, of course, due to my promiscuity, I had several illicit affairs during the nine years we have had. Especially so that we always were far apart. He went to college in Magpayang, Mainit - another municipality southbound of Surigao del Norte province - when I worked in the city. Then he worked at one rural bank after graduation, assigned in Dapa, one municipality in Siargao Island when I worked as the Accountant in our home municipality. He stopped working and joined his father to tend their huge ricefarm, when I landed a job in Manila from year 2003. So I have plenty of space to mess around.

But he never failed connecting with me. We however encountered a bump and a hump once when his parents knew about our relationship. They stopped him from relating further with me, warning he might become gay as well. The common notion of barrio folks about straight men sexually related to gays like me is that they will turn gay in the long run. His avoidance of me lasted for more than a year. He showed up later and dared introducing me to his parents. We somehow managed the long-distance relationship for few years until we reached the point that we found it exhausting, boring and useless. I lost interest in him as I toiled in Manila's working environment and ventured into more gays' carnal activities in the metro.

One not really serious relationship, though it lasted for years was, with Marjun Murillon. He was a young public crush, both girls and gays across ages. I took notice of him when he was yet at his sixth grade harassed by gays in the neighborhood. I called him up and told him to tell those gays that we were boyfriends; that we were exclusively dating. True enough, upon knowledge of my linkage to him, the gays backed off since then. We were not actually into sexual relationship until he reached his fourth year in high school. Many girls and gays were still craving to take a bite of him but were denied because of my name (Forgive me for this conceit). When we finally decided to have sex, it was in the Anao-aon beach under one open cottage, the heavy rain poured and soaked us while we wet each other with saliva and sweats.

My other strange relationship was with Tata Diaz. He was one of my male neighbors. He was then at his late 20s, single, I mean no girlfriend. Tata approached me leaning on the concrete bridge fence, 50 meters from my parents' house while catching the fresh 6pm breeze. I used to do this at the same spot every dusk. He caught me off guard with his indecent proposal --- the kind of proposition no gay can turn down --- a sex as often as we could on the condition that I can help him gain strong and lengthy erection. It never occurred to me then that it was such a weird idea that he somehow has erectile dysfunction. So much so that he's too young to acquire such disorder. I was in fact surprised that he has this short and little penis. I tried sucking it night after night, well maybe not that often, until it indeed grew. Then we proceeded to anal sex to test the stength of his dick during penetration. I dont mind buttfucking with him because the pain with this kind of size and length was bearable. And indeed it helped. He is now happily married to Neneng Seraspe, another neighbor, and graced with 3 kids.

I also remember having this love affair with a freshman from SurStaCT, Lourd Anthony Ongayo. He was from Binan, Laguna. He has thick lips and I love kissing it. I have another Tagalog crush during my stay in Manila when I had my review for CPA board exam. His name was Benjo Clenista. He was such a delicious prey but I held my cravings because I might fail the exam for such karmic activity. During my first few years of working and living in Metro Manila, I have been involved in so many sexual activities with Manila guys, both straights and homos, aging from 17 through 40s. I really lost count of how many men I bed with, especially those times that I traveled around the Philippine archipelago. Because I always ensure that I have somebody in my hotel bed with me.

Until I fell truly, deeply, madly in love with a waray, Mr. Roderick R. Mendiola, who is definitely my last number... and the counting has stopped since.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"It All Ends Here" for Harry Potter Movies

The second week of July, from 12th to 15th, will be the most anticipated week for Harry Potter fans, both for books and movies.  Cinemas in Australia and some European countries start showing the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 on the 13th of July, the UK and US release date is set on the 15th of July, while Philippine cinemas feature the movie on the 14th. And that is TODAY!

Theaters Expect a Crazy Night For 'Deathly Hallows 2' -

I read from a yahoo news today about:

Emma Watson, Harry Potter's nerdy Hermione Granger, cried on the red carpet during the world premiere of the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" — the last movie in J.K. Rowling's story about a boy wizard. "How do I put into words what all of this has meant to me? It will always be a part of who I am and I feel so blessed to have shared in it," the Daily Mirror quoted her as saying.

It is indeed sad to see all Harry Potter's literatures to complete and hence end there.

I started reading Harry Potter books since 1996. I got hold of my own copies of Harry Potter books 1 to 5 in year 2003. My sister En bought a hardbound of the first 5 Harry Potter books in 2004. We now lend these copies to our nephews and nieces. But I kept a compilation of paperback copies. I even plan of buying another set of 7 Harry Potter books which are published by Bloomsbury; because what I have are published by Scholastic.

Then and Now: Harry Potter Stars Transform -

Lots of articles were published this week, related to Harry Potter movies. And I intentionally include them in this blog so that I can revisit them anytime in the future to remember the movie and everything else about it/them.

The Guys of Harry Potter Hotness Meter -

Rupert Grint on ‘Harry Potter,’ that kiss and the end of an era -
Nice guy Felton bids farewell to bad boy Draco -

5 favorite 'Harry Potter' grown-ups -
Fortunately, however, somewhere in the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, USA, there lies the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There exists the magical world that I always love. Stepping in Hogwarts' grounds is my ultimate dream... that must be realized sooner than later.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Trend of Celebrating Parents' Birthdays

Mama Dulcing turned 66 on July 2.

Her birthday is used to be celebrated in our family's residence in Anao-aon, Surigao del Norte. It used to be a grand family celebration with friends and relatives coming together, everyone squeezing to fit inside our humble home. But not this year; my sister En and I who will be visiting home for such purpose opted to host the celebration somewhere away from home, exclusively for the immediate family members.

I heard of Kasili Lake Resort in Mainit, Surigao del Norte, a neighboring town which is just a little more than a hour ride. My first hand information of its swimming pool and other amenities was from En herself who experienced swimming there with my cousins once. And it intrigued me.

I successfully convinced Papa Tantong and Mama Dulcing to have Mama's birthday celebration simple, closed and away from home, in Mainit Kasili Lake Resort it will be. I tried to reach all my friends who have contact information of the said resort and it took me about a week to solicit such information. Upon knowledge of the contact details of the resort, En and I attempted many times to call to book the event but to no avail until July 1, the day before Mama's birthdate. And we were already in Surigao en route home. I booked one suite room for one night, all 6 of us in it (Papa, Mama, Ate Mely, Entoy, En-En and me), and a cottage in the swimming pool area.

Thinking of a little preparation, I ordered lechon (roasted pork), Ate Mely (my sister-in-law) pre-ordered a birthday chocolate cake and cassava cake which En paid, Mama cooked bihon, paklay, fried chicken, and many others, and Papa grilled a fish. Since we won't be inviting neighbors to the party, Papa decided to distribute a portion of the preparations to them, especially our relatives.

We left for Mainit in the afternoon of July 2. We asked Entoy (my nephew who studied law in Butuan City) to meet and wait for us in Magpayang, the highway crossing towards Mainit. We reached the resort at 3pm, checked in and settled our foods in the cottage. And the party began.

The party was graced by the presence of our cousins, who happened to be couple, the guy (Jeffrey) is one of my father's nephews and the gal (sorry, I forgot her name) is one of my mother's nieces. They did not know about the party and went there just to see around. But we were glad to have relatives with us, though their visit was brief, during Mama's special day.

The party went on until nighttime when the resort's in-house band started whining, screaming and wildly rocking under the heavy rains. Since we cannot sleep due to band's noise, we packed ourselves inside the room, Mama and Papa lying on thier bed, Ate, En and me for chit-chatting and e-chatting with our eldest brother (Danny) who's in Jubail UEA, while Entoy was reading and studying.

Fortunately, the sun peeked on the next day which enabled us to view the surroundings, especially the Mainit Lake, after the morning coffee. We still partook the same food we have had the previous day.

It was such a great get-together-close-family-away-from-home party! The resort accomodation nor the swimming pool though won't entice me to come back, but it was the moment we share together during the special Mama Dulcing's day.

This out of town trip will be the start of our new trend in celebrating birthdays. Papa Tantong's 67th birthday will be in October and it will surely be somewhere else, away from home.

I thank God for this moments and we (the children, in-laws and grandchildren) pray and hope that He may grant my parents more years to share with us...