Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Fulfilling my promise to my nephew, Keith, I booked our Boracay trip on April 25-28, 2014. This was my graduation and congratulatory presents altogether for having graduated in High School and passing the UP College Admission Test (CAT), respectively.

I initially offered this in exchange for an honor roll. But then after super-typhoon Yolanda struck Tacloban and for a while relocated the children to Surigao, I offered it for simply graduating high school. And then passing the UPCAT was an added value to this gift.

Firstly, I secured the round trip air ticket from Manila to Kalibo for 2 since the proposed vacation dates fell on summer time when airfares are pricey. Then a little later, Keith's air ticket from Tacloban to Manila and vice versa was bought. Then the online shopping for the cheapest but comfortable hotel accommodations followed. But we ended up finding the rooms on the spot.

There was this series of delays happening as we journeyed to and from Boracay via Tiger Air Philippines. On the 25th, on our way out of Manila, the flight was delayed for an hour due to delayed turnaround aircraft. Then later it was further delayed due to heavy air traffic in Kalibo, our destination. I was beginning to fear while waiting for 2 hours that the affordable room accommodations would soon sell out. We landed at Kalibo International Airport at about 9pm, 3 hours later than the schedule. We hopped on a passenger van heading towards Caticlan Port Terminal and found ourselves riding the boat to Boracay more than an hour later.

Yes, I have saved a lot from the airfare but the rest of the transport costs were biting and digging a pocket holes. The van cost each of us P250 (by the way, it already covers the boat fare, which I heard from the driver when we called to book us is worth P30 each), the terminal and environmental fees cost P175 each, then the tricycle from Boracay pier to your chosen hotel or resort cost P100 a trip.

But I found it tourist-friendly when some barangay staff approached you at the dock and asking whether you have room bookings. The 2 ladies in blue shirt as uniform inquired about my budget, which is P1,500 to P2,000 a night for a bed for two. They then escorted us and rode with us in the tricycle, commanding the driver to drive us to St. Vincent resort. Unfortunately, the P1,500 worth rooms were sold out when we got there. So we went to the next resort which gave us room for P2,000 per night. So we're settled. The place was just a 2-minute walk to the beachfront.

And the hunger set in. All foods round the island are expensive, even fastfoods chains. Each meal for Keith and me cost me an average of P500. Upon arrival, we dined at the nearest McDo which is situated at the lower ground floor of Crown Regency Hotel. The following brunches were spent at Andoks in D'Mall, then at Dapogan Carenderia, and then at Sands Boracay. We had one takeout lunch of Yellow Cab Pizza. Our 3-night dinners were spent at Army Navy and then Deco's.

There had been several activities in the island that weekend we were there. I ran at the Skyathon 2014 on the morning of April 26. Then we witnessed the Dragon Boat Racing that whole day. That evening we joined the crowd at the Summer Fest sponsored by Myx and spent the rest of the gig night at Electrolux Disco. I dipped in the beach water the whole day of April 27 and had Starbucks Coffee in the evening.

April 28 was our way out of the island. In fact, we spent most of the time in Kalibo downtown. And then a delayed flight worsen my day on April 29th. Our supposed 4am flight actually departed Kalibo at 6:30am. I feared that my nephew Keith cannot fly back to Tacloban because of this huge delay. We arrived at NAIA Terminal 4 at 7:45am and fortunately, Keith was accommodated in one of the flights to Tacloban.

I myself had still enjoyed Boracay, as it was my first summer vacation in the island. Of course I wanted to put them into record that I was there once again, as the following photos presented:

Look at the crowds!

Sails are major views in the island

Sunset and Grotto is Boracay

Dinner at Army Navy

Lunch of Yellow Cab Pizza

Night Swimming

Swimming pose

Swimming Day

The photo wall inside Electrolux Disco Bar

A pose at the famous Grotto should not be missed

While waiting for the gunstart of the 5th Boracay Skyathon

Despite the presence of green and slimy moss, the beachfront is still worth a picture

The coverage of the 8th Dragon Boat Racing was with AXN, so I saw Mark Nelson there.

A pose at Obama Grill where the Summer Myx Fest stage is being prepped for the night's party

My second bottle of beer at Electrolux Disco

Starbucks Coffee for the last night in the island

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