Friday, April 18, 2014

Via Crucis

Way of the Cross has become a tradition for us, college classmates and friends, during the observation of the Holy Week.

This year is no different for Jackie, Jessie and me. We made the way of the cross on Good Friday to rid of heavy pedestrian traffic, which usually happened on Holy Thursday. If last year we had wheels (courtesy of another classmate, Ruth Arienza-Go, that was why we reached as far as Laguna and Quezon provinces, this time we walked on foot. So the stationing of the cross were conducted for churches adjacent to each other.

Since I came from San Jose Del Monte, from my sister's residence, I started my way of the cross at the Mary the Queen Church, Fairview, Quezon City. I witnessed the start of the kissing of the cross, where the processional march concluded with the priest lying on the floor at the altar, his face on the earth (prone position).

I left the church once the priest finished the ritual. I took the Fx Van to Manila City, then dropped at Morayta and rode a bicycle with a sidecar (called tri-sikad) and headed to the Loreto Church. There I convened with Jackie and Jessie and completed the holy mass. After the kissing of the cross, we started the Via Crucis at the adjacent St. Anthony of Padua Church. There we recited the Station 1, Jesus is condemned to death, and took some photos.

We then walked towards the Our Lady of Montserrat Abbey, rather known as San Beda Church or the Church at San Beda College. There we offered the Station 2, Jesus is made to carry His Cross. It was at the same time day tour for the three of us, so we took poses and pictures before and after the recitation of the station. We kissed the cross at the center aisle of the altar for the third time before leaving.

Next destination was the St. Jude Thaddeus Church, located at the vicinity of the Malacanang Palace. We recited there the Station 3, Jesus falls the first time, took pictures and left without much ado. There was not much of a crowd that time because the stations are set up at the open ground outside the shrine.

On the other end of the Malacanang Palace area is the Chapel of St Michael, the Archangel. We have recited the Station 4, Jesus meets his sorrowful Mother, when the procession commemorating the burial of Jesus went back to the church. We hurriedly took pictures to avoid the crowd.

We offered the Station 5, Simon of Serene helps Jesus carry His cross, at the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Shrine, the Basilica of San Sebastian, at the grounds of San Sebastian College. The shrine was packed with people. We said our prayers at the assigned station erected in the open ground before entering the basilica. It was already dark when we walked out of the church.

Next stop was at the Holy Face Chapel en route to Quiapo. We recited our petitions for Station 6, Veronica wipes the face of Jesus, up the second level of the chapel. Our photos reflected dark images because the cellphone used by Jessie produced less flashes. My camera even was not cooperating at night.

Our way to Quiapo Church has become circuitous because the tunnel crossing under the highway was closed for renovation. We went down under the Quiapo bridge and came back up the church. As usual the noted Shrine of the Black Nazarene was crowded. So, we offered the Station 7, Jesus falls the second time, there, then left without taking photos.

We then walked our way toward the Sta. Cruz Church of Binondo. We recited there our petition for Station 8, The women of Jerusalem weep for Jesus. We stayed for a while to rest our feet. Then we took the jeepney on our way to the Manila Cathedral within the walls of Intramuros. We were all excited to check the newly-renovated cathedral. Indeed, we have spent more time taking pictures there than reciting the petition for Station 9, Jesus falls the third time.

Another picturesque church was the San Agustin Church. Still within Intramuros, this baroque church is one of the oldest churches in the country, with interesting stone carvings and interior designs. We offered there our prayers for Station 10, Jesus is stripped off his garments. We stood thereby for a while to rest and capture plenty of pictures.

Malate was our final destination. Riding the jeepney, our first stop was at Nuestra Seniora de Guia Chapel. We found the chapel closed but the site for the stations of the cross were set outside. Even in the dark, we recited the prayer for Station 11, Jesus is nailed to the cross. The second stop was at the Malate Church. Undergoing renovation, plus it was past 8pm then, the church was already closed except for the area where stationing of the cross was set up. We offered there the rest of the stations, Station 12, Jesus is raised up on the cross and dies, Station 13, Jesus taken down from the cross and placed in the hands of his Mother, and Station 14, Jesus is laid in the sepulcher.

Then we closed our via crucis there... It was after the closing prayer that we all felt very hungry.

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