Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Vocation in Teaching extends here

My call to teaching started at an early age. I have been teaching groups of people since I was 11 years old. That was when I joined the parish youth council in our parish. Then, immediately I became one of the youth leaders. I was endorsed by my school during my high school years to join a facilitator's training. I was actively involved in May catechism every year. I grew more in the diocesan youth formation team in my college years until my few years as an employee.

My very first employment entailed purely of teaching. Upon passing the CPA board exam, I immediately took post as an Accounting Teacher for 3 years full time; 2 years later as part-time. Teaching was my part-time job when I worked as an accounting in my hometown's government center. When I left for Metro Manila, I thought I ran off from teaching. It ran after me instead and so I still do teaching in many trainings and workshops.

As facilitator or trainor or mentor, despite the fact there is no more grade preparation or checking of exam papers, the nature of work as a teacher is the same. So, I believe that teaching really is my vocation. The latest of which was during the training-workshop on "ring-fencing" for water operations of multipurpose cooperatives with students, upcoming 4th year, of the College of Cooperatives in Polytechnic University of the Philippines on March 23 & 24.

Take note that it was a one-man show; I was the sole trainor who acted as a lecturer, a moderator and mentor for the 62 students, even the closing remarks was given by yours truly.

The first batch of PUP-CC students I lectured on ring-fencing was attended by 35 students on November 17 & 18 last year.

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