Saturday, March 27, 2010

Short Story: A CHEAT

“Welcome to SuperBowl of China! I am Dan and I will be serving you tonight,” recited the assigned waiter. I find him cute when he mouthed the words of the usual chant. He looked a bit chubby yet sexy and stood 5 foot 7 tall. A chinito-type that I am fond of.

I started flirting with him right then. My eyes twinkled whenever he was near me. My gayfriend Jessy sitting across, stared at me, eyebrows raised, as if saying, ‘Hey Bruce, you are exclusive. You already have Ricky. Let Dan be mine.’ Well, I would love to tease Jes, to make him jealous of me. I was more confident to do the flirting since the dinner host, Jackie, is the finance executive of this restaurant. These men I believe are under her control. Jackie was left alone ordering our food, while Jessy and I were busy ogling at now conscious Dan who’s also busy repeating the orders.

When the food arrived, I noticed that plenty has been ordered. I turned to Dan, “Would you like to dine with us?” I offered, “There’s a lot of this for the three of us.” Jessy, as gay as I am, nodded drooling at without blinking his stares from the beautiful faced waiter.

“Just taken my dinner during my breaktime earlier before you arrived, Sir,” he politely answered.

He left our table for quite a while. Jessy hinted me that Dan has been eyeing me from time to time at a distance while we were busy partaking the superbowl feast. Maybe he’s just keen at customer service, that anytime I or we might call him, I reasoned. Or maybe he liked me too; I chuckled at this thought.

We have barely touched most of our foods but we feel like we were full. Hinting that we relaxed from gorging, Dan approached our table, “how about dessert Sir, Ma’am?” He shifted his gaze from Jackie to me.

“I rather have you as my dessert,” I joked. Amazed with my punchline, he casted me his killer smile. “Ah, I hate you!” I cried rolling my eyes, and we all laughed.

We ordered tea instead of dessert. The manager whose a friend of Jackie also approached our table and offered us coffee. She took the coffee, Jessie and I the tea.

Later after few sips, I excused from the table and headed to find the restroom. To my surprise, Dan was at the doorsteps to usher me. I entered the men’s room and after a while Dan slid inside next to me with somewhat playful smile. Don’t know what crossed my mind but in a second I reached to him, pressed my body to his, tiptoed and kissed his lips. I tasted his sweet saliva. Then he disappeared the second we both realized what has just happened. I smirked at the thought of kissing the man out of the blue. Facing the mirror, I find myself enjoyed the scene. On our way out, I tipped him a hundred bucks, hoping that it will conceal my lascivious act I was guilty of.

I kept reminiscing that moment night after night that it woke me up somewhere in the middle of the night touching my body, stroking my hose in his images. Images of him on top of me aroused me and satisfied me.

A week later, Jackie messaged me that Dan has been inquiring things about me when they met at their company's Chinese New Year party. Several days later, I received a message from unknown source, saying he is Dan from the restaurant asking me to be his textmate and friend. He got my number from the customer evaluation form I filled up, “Sorry sir, I hope you don’t mind if I opened that form to check if you have phone number.”

Of course, my pleasure, I said to myself. I pictured myself smiled teasingly at me. I love the idea of him liking me. I have more thoughts of him texting me, asking me to see him, meeting him somewhere around glorietta-makati, and taking me to his place.

Then we met one night. He kissed me torridly as soon as we glided inside the bedroom. We undressed each other so hurriedly. It happened fast that I found him over my back stroking me, thrusting so passionately. “I need you to face me,” he flirted after several strokes he made. He pulled his warm hose off me and ushered me gently to face him. I can now see his very beautiful face and his angered crotch. He laid me down at my back; spread my legs to the sides. He pressed his body towards me pointing his hose to my hole. He pushed it in gently and I inhaled so deep to accommodate him. “Push it all,” I moaned.

He enjoyed every beat of our clapping bodies; it showed in his smiling eyes and handsomely contorted face. His face making made me hornier; it to me signified enjoyment and concentration that harmonized with his every push. Then I started touching my body, my maleness, as I felt his tighter grip at my sides. The tighter the grips get, the faster I masturbated. He moaned and I cried a sweet soft cry. Then his thrusts grew faster and I was coming. But wait, I should not hurry to end this lustful moment.

I pushed him to lie on his back and he followed. I was this time maneuvering on top. I bate so hard and so fast in rhythm with the ins and outs of his hose inside my elastic wet ass. His elating moaning excited me more. Suddenly,everything went faster in rhyme with the creaks the bed wailed. Until Dan closed his eyes forcefully and quivered under me. Simultaneously I surreptitiously shivered as the white stash burst out of me spreading everywhere on his belly. We both smiled at each other at this view at hard breaths. I then carefully shifted to turn my back on him without pulling off the bond. I laid beside him, “perfect!” I whispered. And he snored after a while.

It felt déjà vu. Those lines were our intimate lines at lovemaking with my Ricky. And it happened on our own bed, I realized. “Gosh!” my hand instantaneously crawled around the bed to inspect. I forced to opened my eyes and “Thank God!” I exclaimed, relieved to have found my partner on bed beside me. I thought I was actually with someone else. I sheepishly turned to face my snoring, so sound asleep Ricky; my undies felt sticking wet around my groin. It made me shudder, I did come.

I reached my phone right then. It was past 1 a.m. said the clock on the monitor. I forced my spicy eyes to open and typed, “I am sorry Dan but we can not be textmates or even friends. I have a live-in partner and I love him very much.” And I pressed send.

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