Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Apology

An Apology
dan gastardo

"Sorry" may sound so "worn-out" for transgressors like myself, but kul I really mean it. Im so sorry! I know you were saddened and very much disappointed of my actions last February 27. Guilt-feelings overwhelmed my emotions the moment I realized I had offended you uncle. I really felt so shameful that I had taken for granted the things we talked about in boracay. The plans like what am I gonna do first, then whats next, where to go, what to wear.etc. You even gave me a 500 peso bill hoping I would reach my auntie's place safe and sound. But, every single piece of it was wasted because of my act that went overboard. Kul, I'm not gonna say any explanations or alibi on why I was not able catch my flight sked. It was obviously an act of negligence and immaturity. Well, these are my characteristics that indeed need transformation.

Kul, I hope I am Not Too LAte To Apologize.....

Kul would you still let me enter the doors of your house if ever I m gonna knock on it someday??

Re: An Apology
cris gastardo

apology accepted.

i was never that upset that you weren't able to catch your flight. i was very upset to the fact that i have reminded you 3 times not to be late. or to mind that cebu airport is far from the downtown, in fact i was initially relieved to know that you were just around the airport. when you told me you were actually in "cheavers" (i can not remember the exact name of the place you mentioned) i was apprehensive and reminded you again of being at the airport early. actually when i was near you, i might have punched you in the face.

but my disappointment of your misconduct does not end at casting you away. my decision to let you go back to Surigao is to let you realize that you deserve a punishment, that you have to recover your dignity from there, that you have to redeem yourself from your nanay you spent the almost P1,000 forfeited plane fare you wasted.

i believe you understand now why we, i mean i personally, would not want you to study in cebu. primarily because you don't know how to control your world when surrounded with friends. it should be that you must control your friends, not the other way around.

but i would still stand with my early decision or suggestion, that you better pass the urios university law entrance exam for you to pursue law. if you still fail, then you better find yourself a job. and in this regard, you choose where to work, whether in Surigao or Manila. My doors are always open for you if you decide to work around here, only until you can afford to stay your own.

my point really is for you to grow, to mature, to be responsible, to be a man. and you must start now.

Flash Back

The boracay trip Entoy, my nephew, and I shared was a success. We have a lot of fun. And I believed Entoy enjoyed everything about boracay.

Until our trip back to Manila, I flew Kalibo-Manila flight; Entoy was supposed to take the Caticlan-Manila flight via Cebu.

The following were our exchange of SMS messages:

11:07 am – entoy: kul alas onse man diay ak flyt sked..

This message really panicked me, thinking he was late to check and was left in Caticlan while I was already in Kalibo that time. I have been calling him but can not be reached, said the operator.

12:15 pm – entoy:jari nak cebu kul

Relieved, I reminded him of his flight to Manila later that afternoon.

03:36 pm – entoy: jari pa airport kul…

I commended him of staying at the airport to keep track of his flight. He might slip-up checking in late then.

03:51 pm – entoy: jari bitaw kami sac heavers kul kadali… hehe

This alarmed me. I have never been to cheavers so I don’t know exactly how far that was from the airport. So I reminded him again of being at the airport early.

03:53 pm – entoy: oo kul..hehe..,jaun na kaw mandaluyong

I was riding the bus that time. I think I was at baclaran area when I replied.

03:54 pm – entoy: aah ok kul…, c yah.., hehe..,

I reached home, unpacked. Rested. Until…

05:33 pm – entoy: ko xa ak flyt.. forfeited na daw.

This burnt me. I freaked out so I chose not to call him; I might say many bad things to him. I called up my sister, En regarding this. I told her to tell entoy to better go back to Surigao, never to set foot in Manila or I will punch him.

07:32 pm – entoy: kul., sori karajaw kul.., traffic 2ho kul.., uli ko xa lunes kul..,

I reminded him three times not to be late at check-in.
08:49 pm – entoy: hmmp… uu kul.., sori karajaw kul..,

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