Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lucrative Profession

March is a lucrative month for me. April 15th is the deadline for filing annual income tax returns, naturally most people or businesses are cramming for it (which Filipinos are used to). Given that my profession is accountancy, they would of course require my services.

I have been practicing my CPA profession for over 12 years now. When I started practicing in Surigao, I gained several clients. When I transferred to Manila, I started with my fellow consultants as clients, later came the one in Ayala-Alabang, and then my friend Albert, a former colleague in Department of Finance project, referred me to a client in Antipolo. More came after, my college classmate whose husband is a contractor hired me, and a kababayan referred me to another kababayan who asked for help in the compliance of BIR reportorial requirements.

I earned two professions actually. My accounting is my first, nursing is the second. These two are two different and distinct professions that they confused me which to actually practice. There are times though when I think of practicing my nursing profession, wanting desperately to apply even just a part-time or volunteer. However, as my desire to be a nurse prosper so as the increase in the demand of my accounting profession.

The total professional fees I earned from all engagements in 2009 have afforded me my Hongkong and Macau trip in June 2009, even my canceled Bangkok-Siem Reap trip in November 2009.

For so many years now, accounting profession is by far lucrative for me. I hope more engagements will fall this year too.

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