Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dream BIG... Big DREAM

This is a retyped article, originally from my personal blog at friendster then. 
Today is my 11th year year of being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Today is November 11, 2008.

I am a product of a less-privileged household. And I am not ashamed of it. My father has various professions, I mean skills. He's a licensed heavy equipment driver and a legit farmer. He seldom can also be a carpenter, coconut sap gatherer, fisherman, and what not. My mother on the other hand is an absolute but the best housekeeper. And she's also a handcore farmer, not to mention her frustration to become a teacher. Teacher or not, her own pedagogy has prepared me and my 3 siblings to ace school.

My parents labored much to give their four children food, shelter, clothing and love. They astoundingly struggled our education from grade school to college.

Upon knowledge of my mother dream of becoming a teacher, I wished then to be one in her stead. When I became an altar boy at age 10, I thought of pursuing priesthood. When I experienced high school life, I realized that I love science more than math. So I dreamt of taking Chemical Engineering in college. Nevertheless, every time I saw falling stars during my years of stay in our home province, I wished to become a doctor. these early drawn dreams or shall I say wishes, remained the dream or the wish upon a star which shattered primarily because of poverty. That my parents cannot afford to send me to college or university of my choosing. I left no choice but to find some colleges nearest to our home, to my parents. It was in fact a college, a private institution though. Needless to say, it paved the way to realizing my big dreams.

My poor background and my parents' determination, coupled with our diligence, have served me and my siblings well, inspiring us all to carefully draw and push through a map of success. I even came to swearing: "I hate being poor! I abhor dirt! I want to be rich! I need to live a wealthy life"

My good pay in my first job afforded me to buy our first home appliances. My earnings from both full and part time works have made my ever dreamt concrete house come true. My first 11 years of putting my profession into lucrative practice has given me the chance to own a small business and parted in the purchase of an unbranded family car. I am proud that my little savings have set my foot in foreign lands.

God is so good to me! He blest me with knowledge and skills. He bestowed on me success. He made me realize my dreams.

But it doesn't mean I should stop dreaming. This time, I dream of more and bigger ones instead. My initial success has enlightened me. That my greatest realization thus far is, "count your blessings" no matter how meager they be. And the next message would be, "let's dream on!"

Today and every 11-11 (November 11) is a remarkable number combination for me. Every time I noticed such, I am reminded of my life's struggles and successes.

Sansoy of UK commented once, saying: Anyone can achieve anything as long as he works hard for it. I'm sure you achieved all the success in your life because you worked hard for them. Good on you! :-)

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