Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Close Encounter with a K Kind

November 3, 2012

On my way back to Busan from Seoul... I booked the 1pm trip to Busan via the express train, KTX, which trip would only last for 2 and a half hours; the usual train trip almost cut in half. My assigned car was 18, assigned seat was 14B.

When the call to board was flashing on the screen followed by the announcement, I was ecstatic to know that car 18 was the couch attached to the pilot’s deck. It was worth the price because the ambiance, the seat, the cabin as whole felt luxurious and super-comfy, with Wi-Fi access. I was more elated to notice that I will be sitting beside this young and cute Korean guy, in military uniform. That was my close encounter with a Korean kind!

When I settled on my seat, I tried to unfold my seat table, only to find it stuck. I forced it to unfold but I was unlucky the first time. When I attempted to open it again, this cute Korean guy lent a hand, but we failed. I told him, “Don’t worry. Nevermind!” But I need that table because I will be writing my trip journal, so I unfolded it again with much force with this young man’s help. The seat table finally opened notwithstanding my lack of grace when I forced it. I unload my things and laid them all on the table, my camera, notebook, ballpen, map, magazine. “Are you a photographer?” he asked. And that was the start of our friendship, wow! that’s fast! Well, yes that was exactly what happened. I told him I am a travel blogger and I am documenting my first time in Korea. 

I later knew his English name to be Richard, that he’s 22 years old, at his third year in the university but currently joined as soldier (this is his term) before completing his college degree. I admit I was enamored by his coolness, his friendly presence, his good looks most of all, that he is young and an army which is super hunky for me. My gayness overpowered me, as we talked more about him, me, my travel, his cute little English words, his gorgeous face, and I ended up writing down on a business card (the business card of the Inside Backpackers) writing down my full name, email address, facebook account, even my mobile phone. Huh! And I handed it to him which he accepted and pocketed on the left breast pocket of his military uniform. Left breast is where the heart is… No, I am so gay!

While having a good conversation, I asked him if I could take pictures of him, and us together, which he so friendly agreed. When we ran out of topics to discuss and he perhaps ran out of English words to start a conversation, as if I was the one waiting for him to take advances, he folded his hands together to his member and leant his head on the headboard and closed his eyes.

Then I took more shots of him napping. I kept ogling at his beautiful face, imagining his gorgeous torso inside that army uniform, and fantasizing meeting him again, that time in the Philippines. I remembered telling him many Korean tourists scattered around the Philippines and he told me he had plans of visiting my country. When he disembarked at DongDaegu for his 4-day vacation, I captured his last shot. He smiled at me for the last time, maybe he realized I was falling into him already.

Oh, I was so very gay!

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