Monday, December 12, 2011

When I Resent my Parents

When I went home, I mean to my parents' home in Anao-aon, Surigao del Norte, to celebrate my father's 67th birthday, I noticed my Aunt Sidra (my father's youngest sister) christmas lantern-making. I liked the materials she used, recycling the junk food wrappers. I then contracted her to make me at least 20 pieces of these small hanging lanrerns for a price of P15.00 a piece. I promised to pay her upon completion, which time I will be back in Manila. That was in October.

November came and the lanterns were ready for pick up. I told my parents to pick and pay on my behalf but they declined from taking the chirstmas decor because there was no one to hang them on the ceiling. Of course, I understand that they were both old and can no longer climb or whatever. So I told them to hire somebody to hang the lanterns instead. But they insist to instead pay the amount but no longer claim the goods. It agitated me and forced them to pay and get the items no matter how they'll dispose it; that they can garbage it.

Indeed, they told Auntie Sidra about the new arrangement, that is to pay but not claim the items. And so my aunt refused the payment and decided to resell the items to students who just in time were needing the lanterns for school projects. I felt the guilt about the breach of contract with my aunt and disappointed with my parents. I resent them since...

Later, my sister En inquired for the real reason and told me that it was very personal. I never realized that there has been untoward dynamics between my aunt and my sister-in-law which greatly affected my parents. Which clash, and that my parents sided with my sister-in-law, I cannot put into details and discuss in here. This helped me understand why my parents evaded contacts, which for them giving a lesson, with my aunt.

In the spirit of Christmas, my resentment expired on December 11. And I called to talk to them over the phone, not mentioning about the lanterns, but checking on their health and other happy stuffs.

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