Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fabs' Supermodel and Ms. World Diva

Who would've thought?

I was in charged of registration and so I stayed at the door for the first few hours during the Fabs' 6th Christmas Party. When everyone was in, I went to the backstage to signal the candidates that the traditional beauty pageant to start. There were only four Fab members dressed in drag and so they begged me to dress up to complete the magic five. Deciding to dress drag at the last minute, I sat in front of the makeup mirror as my face was brushed and painted here and there by the hired artist.

Candidate number one, there I came out. I stunned everone with my Ms India representation, including my boyfriend Erick. When the makeup artist asked me what I love to represent, I told him I rather be Miss India. And so he did and everyone was fascinated by my beauty; that includes me.

I was assigned to present a song number dressed drag or not. And it turned out to be my talent in the pageant. I have the one and only talent presentation and rightly awarded the best in talent.

The Question and Answer followed and I never thought it would be so formal. I was the last one called to the centerstage and was asked,

Q: If ever elected as the first gay president of the Republic of the Philippines, what would you do first?

I immediately come up with a circuitous answer which simply came out of my mouth without much thought, which said,

A: Being the first gay in a large family, that I was able to win the acceptance of my whole family, I believe I can be a good gay president of the RP. My first priority would be to support the anti-LGBT discrimiation which the Ladlad Party is lobbying.

Then I realized later that the best answer would be: "Despite the wide tolerance of LGBT nowadays, discrimination can still be felt. Gays particularly are taken for mock or ridicule. As the first gay president, I will embody in me the grace under pressure, unparalleled ground-footed leadership, and well-respected gayness. And I will institutionalize the magna carta of LGBT individuals."

With the latter I believe I'll covet the Ms. Universe Diva crown. But Ms. World Diva still feels a big win! Who would have thought that few minutes of dressing up a red long gown would end me the second best win. Below shows my looks before I gone the backstage and came out in gown and Miss India makeup.

The surprises did not end there. I was even chosen the Fabs' Next Supermodel winner, bested all 9 other candidates including the people's choice and the judges' choice.

I was so glad my boyfriend is so supportive. In fact, he's my cameraman.

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