Friday, June 3, 2011

Words of Gratitude

I already have served my resignation letter. I already have furnished copies to my colleagues in the program. I was grateful I have finally bid goodbye. However, the feeling of leaving got heavier when the words and messages keep pouring in.
Ms. Alma Porciuncula

Dear Cris, It is with a heavy heart that I bid you a temporary good-bye as a colleage in PWRFSP, although i do hope we will continue to see ecah other as friends. You have done great work (with little mentoring on my part) and put our utility reform effort in the LGU and Coop maps. We were lucky to have found you and luckier still that you stayed with us through the crucial periods of the utility reform effort. We would not have gone as far as we did without you. Thank you for the dedication and hard work. Good luck with your next adventure. I'd like to think you are on loan to them and that we could work again sometime in the future. God bless,
Alma (my chief)

Ms. Doreen Erfe
Dear Cris, It has been likewise a very informative and productive experience working with you in the Program. I learned a lot about accounting and dealing with the LGUs from you. I guess you were more the expert and mentor than our apprenctice in these areas (-: I appreciated the value of accounting and local governance as we pursued our activities together. I believe you are one indispendable and irreplaceable partner under Component 3. You have been a great friend and exercise buddy, too. I wish you good luck on your journey to another phase of your career. This will not be a farewell as our paths will surely cross again in future work. In the meantime, stay in touch, happy and of course, beautiful as ever... I will miss you dear.......take care.
Cheers, Doreen (my supervisor)

Engr. Ariel Lapus
Ariel (an engineer, our project specialist): "i-save mo ang sulat mo. baka magamit mo sa dswd pagbalik mo kung magresume na uli ang pwrf-sp..."
Ms. Marlene Tablante

Marlene (a fellow mindanaoan): "kalagot ka crissy oi!:-) on the other hand, I'm both happy and proud of you sis...............lahi gyud ang expert kay wala'y 'lull' period (in between projects or the gruesome job hunting or tiresome long wait according to you)............. pwrf is my 1st project, mora'g guol man kung pirming ingon ani.... goodbyes, hellos, goodbyes na pud, etc. etc.

Ms. Aida Mendoza

Audi and the chocolate kiss

Ms. Nenia and Ms. Aida taking the best pose

Engrs. Ariel and Rene in full attention

Ms Alma and Ms Doreen snoozing

Marlene and me

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