Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Final Exit

Today is my last day at work with the USAID-Philippine Water Revolving Fund (PWRF) Support Program.

I have been with the program for almost 2 years. I started as a STTA (short-term technical assistant) in August to December 2009. Then the Program hired me as a regular consultant since then. I love working with the team, most especially my coaches Ms. Doreen and Ms. Alma. I will remember them and keep their influence in me forever.

The PWRF-SP family is always good at blowing a party. Of course, they won't let me leave without a despedida party on June 27. My 30-day resignation notice will end on June 30. The last week of June was basically cleaning my desk and turning over all my business stuffs, finished or unfinished. By June 29, I issued a personal advisory to everyone I worked with in the program. It read as follows:

Hello Everyone!
This is to inform you that starting July 1, 2011 I am no longer connected with USAID-Philippine Water Revolving Fund Support Program (PWRF-SP). I am therefore unauthorized to transact business to and from anyone involving the Program. Any transaction left for me shall be communicated directly to the office.
This advisory is effective immediately with finality.
I thank you all for sharing few years of your professional life with me. Hope to work with you again sooner or later.

My friends never failed to reply. It was a good feeling to receive wishes and blessings from them.

Am looking forward for your better and greener pastures in life. However that is your journey of making sweet redicules with each other and teaches on what to to do! Bye Chris for the nice thing you shared and did for us. I will not forget you until forever! MONING DIEZ of LGU Antequera, Bohol

huhuhuhuh... kakalungkot naman yan...

I'll be missing you. you're such a great friend seldom to find. goodluck to your new working environment.thanks for everything.Godbless. AIDING GALORIO of LGU Jagna, Bohol

Okey sir Cris. . .  Thank you for sharing your expertise to me. God bless you. MASA ARRIESGADO of CDA Cebu

Thanks! These are a lot of unfinished business(es) indeed. Maybe, we should not let you go (-:. It had been likewise a pleasure working with you. Wishing you lots of luck in your new endeavor. We will surely miss you but you will always remain our mentor in financial management and of course our dancing and singing instructor. Keep in touch. DOREEN ERFE of PWRF-SP

Thank you so much for your goodness and kindness to us. I really appreciate all your help. I am just sad you've found another job. Sorry for this late reply. Medyo daghan kog gi-asikaso deres munisipyo. I hope you'll find more happiness in your new-found workmates. We will cherish our partnership though it was just for a short period of time. You're one of the nicest guys we've worked with.  God bless you and your family. LEILA CAFÉ of LGU Alburquerque, Bohol

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