Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Saigon, Day 3

I started my day early with updating my facebook status. The "universal" facebook is inaccessible in public wifi zone in Saigon. In my hostel, I can only access it from the free internet at the ground floor using the hostel's desktop computers. I intended to overtake other guests in the queue so I went down early and thought of taking the breakfast after that. Indeed, no long queue for internet accessing in the morning.

I stayed in the hotel until 10am in time for me to check out. I have one last visit to pay, that is in the War Remnants Musuem. I so wondered how attractive and interesting their musuem exhibits; it captured me and have me glued at reading almost all english translations. Everything exhibited inside and outside the musuem affected me deeply. It even altered a bit of my perception and impression of US of America in terms of political and social manueverings. I even related the war crimes in Vietnam with those in Afghanistan and Iraq spearheaded by USA.

I am glad I visited the musuem last for the fact that I spent about 2 hours studying the plight of Vietnamese, the Saigon natives especially, during the US invasion, and the nation's history as well. I have never been interested in history or musuems, but this one's different and left me so curious.

Here are some captured moments I had in the musuem:

The mega-machines purposely made for war
I was there!
The ruins made by war to Saigon

The machineries employed and mobilized by US troops to combat viet cong and unarmed civilian alike

Exhibit of guns and ammunitions of different sort used by American soldiers

That's the Vietnam War Crimes statistics

Check the comparative statistics between WW2, Korean War and Vietnam War
 As I strolled around on my way to and from the War Remnants Museum, I saw more of Ho Chi Minh City's attractions. What really impressed me is their use of the parks, indeed it is called people's park because citizens really make use of it day in and day out, weekdays and weekends. And what I would always remember Saigon is their common, meaning everyone's, mode of transportation --- motorbike. When I return to the Philippines, I will for sure associate motorbikes with Saigon or Vietnam.

A closer look of the notre dame cathedral

A temple at the corner; don't know if this is buddhist or taoist temple

Unique sculptures in the city culture park

Parking area solely for motorbikes

I know I would not dream of coming back to Saigon but it will surely become part of me.

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