Monday, February 7, 2011

En's Pasttime

While I am busy preparing for the training to facilitate, En is busy making these collages which come to my knowledge when she emailed them to me. And all these emails landed in the spam folder. All the collages are made through the And since, I am done with my preparations, now all set to fly to Davao the following day, so I decide at once to publish them in my blog.

And here they are:

Swimming with my sister En at our cousin's swimming pool

My ever-beloved mother, Mama Dulcing

My ever-beloved father, Papa Tantong

Collage-making through this site is alluring and affective. Thus I replicate En and find myself using office time enjoying the collages I make... and my works are as follows:

During my 35th birthday celebration

A comedy night at Kody's Music Bar in Surigao City
When Caramoan Islands held me captive!

Boracay made me undress every time...
Cooling experiences in baguio and banaue

A glimpse of Punta Fuego
Taken from my nursing grad pictorials

Eaglepoint in Batangas was once a getaway for En and me.

I was given the chance to tour aroung the Philippines. The pictures show Dapitan, Legazpi, Puerto Princesa and Naga City.

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