Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Next Fab's Supermodel?

A big question!
A huge challenge!

Fabs stands for fabulous, the ambitious description for a community of professional gays in the Philippines aging from 30s to 40s; thus named Fabs30s&40s. The community was initiated in the guys4men website since 2005 as a forum and it grew and lasted for five years now as a solid community of gaymen. It has expanded its memberships to include younger professionals aging less than 30 and older adults from 50s onwards.

The community, led by five-member appointed Community of Elders (COEs), is built on friendship and solidarity. It is pronounced in the frequency of regular bonding, gatherings and parties. Members crowd the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Gateway Mall every tuesday night. A monthly event of getting together, called grand eyeball (GEB), is held with specific theme and variety of activities. It annually celebrates two major major parties, one in July to commemorate the anniversary foundation, and the other in December for a Christmas party. It is never purely parties and jubilations shared solely by members, Fabs has at least one community outreach program every year - this can be with the golden (aging) gays, or a relief extension/distribution to calamity-stricken communities, or a gift-giving activity to less-priviledged individual or children/persons with special needs.

This year 2010-2011's Community of Elders COEs, which I am part of, have presented a platform of governance that spells out uniqueness in this year's series of activities for and with the Fabs' community (see below the platform). True enough, a lot of new things and stuffs have been accomplished by the incumbent COEs. One worth mentioning was the successful Christmas Party where activities were pure entertainment and the attendance included Fabs' counterparts in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

This January-February GEB is another one-of-a-kind themed gathering - a photoshoot! It was not just a simple shooting but a competition in the search of The Next Fabs Supermodel or TNFS. The print modelling shall be in three different concepts:

Peg : Smokey Expressive Eyes
Key phrase : Light & Shade
Peg : Enchantment, Feathers
Key phrase : Airy & Mysterious
Peg : Femme, Fabulous Apparel & Glamorous Look
Key phrase : Soaring High

As I am one of the present COEs, I am not suppose to be eligible to join the contest. However, I got the chance to experience the life of a print model somehow because we came short of the number of contestants. The following are the snapshots of my being an aspiring supermodel:

Year 2010-2011 Thrusts:
The new COEs will continue on the legacies of the fab’s institution, will bring on the torch of friendship, camaraderie and “echosan” and will uphold the fabulous customs and traditions.

The thrust of the council for the year 2010-2011 would be summarized into:
  1. centralization
  2. propagation
  3. globalization
  4. extreme exploration
We expect to maintain one calendar of activities for the whole Fab30s&40s communities. This will enable everyone to manage and monitor the goings on in the fabulous community. Almula, Cabalen, Couples and Singles alike can be centrally posted, promoted and published.

We encourage growth in the fab’s family. We believed we have maintained the quality of a Fabulous personality and we wish to share it to everyone else. We encourage “bring ins” from everyone during and every gathering, activity and party. “Bring a friend, a boyfriend, a hook up, a stranger” to at least every GEB would be the theme for the whole year. This is our way of complementing quality with quantity.

We wish to go international this year. We expect to hold at least one Asian GEB. We will tie up with fabulous people in tourism industry to keep us abreast with the most affordable tour package and tour destination. Thus everyone is enjoined to save for this event which will hopefully happen in February or June 2011.

We will also venture into extraordinary stuff in as far as adventure is concerned. Being fabulous itself is extreme and can be further harnessed by extreme sports, wild parties, unusual challenges and competitions. We will insert them in every chance we will get in every activity. There will be chances of holding at least two gatherings in a month. One is the traditional GEB and the other with specific theme or special purpose.

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