Friday, December 26, 2014

Family Christmas in Subic

December 25

Our first Christmas together as a family here in Metro Manila. Most of our family Christmases were shared in our hometown, Anao-aon in Surigao del Norte province. Since Papa Tantong and Mama Dulcing were invited to stay with us since 2013 to help care my niece, baby Wanwan, this was the very first time that were complete (Papa, Mama, my Sis En and me). Last year supposedly but was interrupted by the super-typhoon Yolanda, when my elder bother's family were among the victims. Papa Tantong went home to welcome my nephews and nieces.

Now that we're complete, except of course for my older brothers' families, I decided to bring us all to Subic Bay in Olongapo City.

We departed from our place in San Jose del Monte City at 6 o'clock of Christmas Day; Jun, En's hubby driving. We arrived in Subic around noon. En had reserved a family room at the Venezia Hotel and Casino but the check in time was at 2pm yet. So we visited the Ocean Adventure Park and lunched there. I was grateful that Papa Tantong, who's no longer fond of the crowd had ignored this kind of phobia and enjoyed all the shows, from jumping-diving dolphins, to tricky sea lions, and to African acrobats.

That night after check in, we check the Harbor Point and dined there before spending family slumber party inside our suite.

December 26

We did our city tour that morning after our breakfast at the nearby Jollibee outlet. We drove through the almost empty streets of SBMA, reached the beach area, took a pose at the harbor, and the remnants of the old fortress. After which we headed back home.

I was more grateful to have such a wonderful, out of town family Christmas getaway, to later know that it was our last Christmas to share with Papa Tantong. 

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