Sunday, July 6, 2014

Only Wan turns One

With the arrival of a new and wonderful angel, baby WanWan, the mother, my sister En has planned the 1st birthday party for almost a year. And several months before the date, the theme was finalized and the venue was prebooked. Several days before the date, the party needs were canvassed, bought, and prepared from tarps to balloons, party hats, souvenirs, et cetera. Also the cakes were ordered, the food were home-cooked, the decorations were personally managed.

Then July 6 arrived. It was Sunday, and a perfect day to gather families and friends. True enough, a total of 107 guests arrived and enjoyed the swimming pool party, especially the accompanying kids. The party lasted the whole day, the food lasted and served up to the last arriving guests, the adults and kids alike free-flowingly joined the jubilation.

To top it all, our little Wan, the celebrator, led the joy and laughter, there was even screaming of happiness. She enjoyed the pool, enjoyed the company of children, enjoyed her 1st birthday. God knows how grateful we are for WanWan!

Here were exclusive moments with Kul-kul, yours truly:

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