Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tourist Points in Butuan

Banza Church Ruins

It's a shame! It's only this time of visit that I discovered Banza Church Ruins. Been to Butuan City for countless times that I regret I missed this interesting piece of Philippine Heritage.

As can be read in the concrete bank below, Banza Ruins was established in 1622 by the Augustinian missionaries. Just like most histories, the village mushroomed along the Agusan River and so was the church. What can be seen now is the symbol of history, the belfry of the church.

Once there, you will notice some ruins. I presumed the ruins is not the original church building but a replica. Capturing it added the historic mark of the experience that you have been to the Banza Church Ruins .


Being in the city for another official business, the rollout training of eFRS accounting system for the Caraga Region, I invited my colleagues (Ms. Cholet and Ms. Mayet) for the sidetrip to the ruins. We initially thought of commuting to the site from the hotel. But the DepEd Caraga officers were so accommodating that they provided us a private car.

Just in time for the sunset, we arrived at the historic site at half past 5pm. With the wide Agusan River in the background, we took several poses in the ruins, the belfry, the landmark, and even the huge Balete tree beside them.

Joven was our driver, Denny was some sort of guide (though it's also his first time to get there), we were enjoying the short trip to Banza Church Ruins.

Magellan Anchorage

Almont Inland Resort

I have seen Almont Inland Resort grew in prestige and sophistication. My first recorded stay here was in year 2003, when I was connected with Community-Based Resource Management Project in the Department of Finance; Caraga Region was among the 5 regions (with Regions 5, 6, 7 and 8) as project's area coverage.

The room accommodations and the amenities have grown varied and sophisticated. My latest stay here in this hotel before today was in 2012 when I had a 2-year stint in the Department of Social Welfare and Development as a consultant of the Kalahi-CIDSS Project.

Though not totally perfect, but the swimming pool is one of a kind. Pity, I was not able to take a dip, because I was sick. The pool is highly recommended for families; children very specially.

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