Friday, May 16, 2014

My Involvement in some Accidents

Shit happens sometimes, especially when you are in a metropolitan area.

I have my share of misfortunes while living in Metro Manila. I guess you won't survive the metro until you'll experience them. It felt normal to hear about them from other people's stories, but to personally experience it is totally a different story.

1. Pickpocketting

That very day was probably cursed. I went to the office late, caught by the heavy traffic at Edsa-
Kamuning area, so I got off the bus, climbed the GMA-Kamuning MRT Station and took the train. Due to very congested trains originating from North Edsa Station, it took me awhile to reach MRT Ortigas Station. Once there, I hurriedly walked my way through ADB Avenue, then Emerald and Garnet avenues. When I arrived at the office and unslung my bag, I found it open and half empty. My wallet and 2 cellphones were gone, picked and pocketed.

I immediately rung my banks and credit card companies to freeze my accounts. Fortunately, I left my ATM Card with large sum in it, since I just got paid for the month's salary. My wallet contained foreign bills in small denominations (my souvenirs), Thai Baht, Vietnamese Dong, etc. I emailed all my friends in my contact list about the pickpocket incident. Until my sister messaged me through YM that she was contacted by the Robinsons Galleria Security Guards Station.

I called up the station and they advised me to visit that soon. I found there the captured pickpocketer. He is gay as I am, and it felt awkward to find a gay pickpocketer. I recovered all my stuffs, the 2 cellphones, the wallet and all that's in it. They motivated me to file a case for this guy so prevent further pocketing incidents. So we went to Libis Police Station because the culprit claimed that he pocketed me in Cubao area. Only at the Police Station that I told the right story, which they realized that the Pasig Police Station has the jurisdiction, as I was pickpocketed in ADB Avenue.

Knowing also that I will pay for the medical exam of the theft, that my phones and wallet will be seized for case evidence purposes, that we will transfer to another station, I therefore decided to let the guy slept the night in the Libis Police Station and went back to work and my normal life. As if nothing of that sort happened to me.

2. Jaywalking

This may leave you in disbelief but yes I was arrested for jaywalking in Tacloban City, way before the Yolanda supertyphoon. I was asked whether to pay 200 pesos fine or do community service which is to pick trash from or sweep the roadsides.

The again I violated traffic rules in Mandaluyong area. I was trying to run after a departing jeepney on my way to the office. Once I hit the road, the jeepney careened away and I was left standing at the center and the traffic police spotted me. He waved me to approach him, but I noticed a couple of jaywalking guys queuing there for the appropriate fine and reprimand. I cannot stay for long because I was already late, so I ran away from that traffic policeman. I hid in the approaching and passing vehicles, climbed the next jeepney en route to the office, and lost him.

2. Car bumping

In February 2014, after my meeting with Ms Doreen and Ma'am Stella in Quattro Bar in Timog Ave, Quezon City, we boarded at the Ms. Doreen's car and agreed to drop Ma'am Stella in her hotel and then we'll head home (since Ms Doreen and I have same direction). Then at the East Ave corner BIR Road, we stopped at the red light beside a black Toyota Vios, but the approaching motorbiker at our backs did not respect the traffic light. He bumped his bike at the backlight of Ms Doreen red Toyota, then scratched the black car's right side, until he tumbled in between.

The owner of the black car freaking out, the motorbiker curling for pain, Ms Doreen complaining were the scene, until the Traffic Police officers from Sikatuna Station arrived. Then we were escorted to the station and waited until the police report was issued.

3. FX Door bumped by motorcycle

Just lately, on May 16 this year, I happened to be involved in car bumping. It was my bad, I opened the center-side door just in time that a motorbike overtook in the side. The bottom portion of the door interlocked with the rear section of the motorbike. The FX van shook, there was a bang when the bikers slapped the car before tumbling down to the sidewalk.

Shocked by the incident, I walked out of the van and found a father, his son and a nanny crying for pain in the sidewalk. They all, in including the FX van driver, blamed me for the accident. I said that I notified the driver that the next corner will be my stop, so he positioned the car to the side and stop at the red light. The motorbike had no right to overtake the van in the right side because the traffic light is on red, and the side is definitely for stopping passengers.

Anyway, I pitied the crying boy who complained of possible bone fractures in his left hands. So I accompanied them to the nearest Rodriguez Hospital in Marikina City. I was backriding the motorbike while the kid was in the van. We arrived ahead of the van so we have moments to clear out things. I told the other family members who went there the actual incident, which I believe they found no excuse. I told the father that when we subject the kid to x-ray in this hospital a police report is necessary because this was a medico-legal case. Such case will progress and may find out the right violators, which in this case they lose.

When the kid arrived with the nanny, he exhibited no more pain and denied going for hospital checkup. The father instead asked me any amount to pay for a clinic to have his kid checked up. Without much ado, I picked out a thousand bucks from my wallet and handed it to him asking, "Is this enough?" When he nodded, I asked again, "Are we good?" and he said yes. Without hesitation and any further ado, I left the vicinity, ran to the next jeepney loading bay, hopped on the next approaching jeepney, and went to the training venue I was guesting that day.

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