Saturday, March 1, 2014

Souvenirs and Stuff

In consonance with the start of repairing my little pad, I tidied my files today and found all these souvenirs I kept from few of my overseas travels.
My 3-day tour in South Korea cost me a total of P20,000 plus the P2,400 plane fare via Cebu Pacific.

In South Korea

A traveler must always look for kiosks or counters or racks that displays maps. Maps, of course in English, is always my bestfriend in foreign lands.

This is how the network of city trains looks like in Seoul. Have the honor to count them. Roaming around the city is just a train away; only that they are expensive. — in Seoul, South Korea.

Trains are the most efficient transport in this country, especially for Busan and Seoul cities. These were the e-cards and ticket tapes I brought back.

In Busan, South Korea

October 31 - November 1, 2012

The map I intently memorized on my way to Busan. However, I still ended up lost. It says in the map that I have to enter a tunnel, but I found 3 tunnels in the vicinity. Thankfully that late night, a drunk man, who is able to speak little english, pointed me the right direction, when I showed him this map. 

City tour in Busan is so tourist-friendly. The hop-on, hop-off bus is crisscrossing the city in a 30-minute interval. The day tour is worth 10,000 won, and you have to pay the same amount for the night tour. The day tour bus covers two directions, the Haeundae Tour and Taejongdae Tour.

In Seoul, South Korea
November 2-3, 2012 

The map of my accommodation in Seoul. I picked this up from one Tourist Information Counter in one of the train stations. I arrived in the city in the morning, so I did not have difficulty in finding the backpacker's inn.
UN Memorial Cemetery and National Museum are must-see destinations. All city tour buses cover these tourist spots.

Well, I also got maps and leaflets from South Korea's other destinations/cities, though I have not reached them in my prior trip. This only means that I desire to return for them.

In Singapore, Singapore.
November 29 - December 3, 2012

Sentosa and Universal Studios are two major theme parks in Singapore. These are the prime sites (well, they both are located in one island) that most tourists in the city are crowding. You got one pass for all the sites, shows and rides in the Universal Studio. But not in Sentosa; you have to choose and pay for each site, show and ride.

My first ride of the Singapore Flyer. I don't have acrophobia but the ride back to land after the 30-minute fly was too discomforting. The surrounding looked great though. I could not imagine the feeling at nighttime, but definitely the dancing lights is an added value.

It was monsoon time when we visited Singapore. It was raining hard when we entered the waterworld. The show was delayed to wait for the rain to subside. Fortunately, it wasn't totally cancelled but the show was cut short.
— at Sentosa Island.

In Malaysia
December 1-2, 2012

Though not yet fully complete, some park sections are still underconstruciton, the Lego Park in Malaysia has opened. I found it to be kids-oriented; only few of the fun rides can be shared by and with adults. Funny because the Go family and me had ran out of Malaysian Ringgit, and we felt hungry on our way out. Fortunately, the newly opened Pancake House in the mall area accepted Singaporean dollars. — at Johur Bahru Malaysia.   

In Indonesia
February 25 - March 2, 2013

The only destination I enjoyed in this big city. Well, as the name of the theme park itself suggests, the taman minii indo park summarizes all that Indonesia has in terms of heritage, culture, and architecture.
— in Jakarta, Indonesia.

My first time to fly with Air Asia from Jakarta to Yogyagarta. Astonishingly, there were no check-in counters except for bag drops; all must check-in through the web. There were computer stations around the airport to do that though. To further mark this memory, I bought a brass-plated miniature airasia plane.
— in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

As the ticket suggests, borubudor and prambanan temples are must-sees in Jogjakarta. The experience is remarkable. The heritage, the ancientness is felt. And thus, some points of the temples are restricted for climbing while some are under curation.
— in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


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