Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's Get Physical

We Filipinos are so physical. We welcome body contacts. We do not mind personal spaces. We filled 5 to 7 persons in all motorized tricycles. We filled in all available spaces the jeepneys have, including rooftops (the so-called toploads). We squeezed in the full-seated buses, filling in the aisles and even the stairs or doorsteps. In skytrains, we begged to sit in any available space found. We often hear ourselves say “paupo”, “pausod naman po”, “pwedeng sumingit?” Men and women found ourselves squeezing their butts in the limited space while others trying themselves to shrink each other asses to accommodate.
Only in the Philippines! In other countries, the sitting capacity of any transport vehicle is good for persons to sit erect elbow to elbow, not butt to butt.

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