Thursday, November 17, 2011

Royals and Commoners

2011 is the year of unity among royals and commoners.

This is a good indication that the world is becoming one and the same. Gone are the days that royal bloods are different from commoners; this perhaps is due to modernization...

But it indeed is trending...

The Royal Wedding. Prince William & Catherine Middleton. Friday 29 April at Westminster Abbey.

Prince Albert II of Monaco marries South African beauty princess Charlene Wittstock on August 2

Bhutan's Dragon King, Jigmey Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck,  marries a commoner, Jetsun Pema, in a Himalayan monastic fortress on October 13-15.

Princess Nurastuti Wijareni, 25, married 29-year-old Achmad Ubaidillah in a traditional Javanese-Muslim ceremony on October 17-18. The groom, a commoner, works at the office of Indonesia's vice president.

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