Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tantong at 67!

We owe it from God! Bigtime!

The four children of Crisanto Gastardo, Sr. decided to savor his second life by blowing parties especially during his natal day. In behalf of our two elder brothers working abroad, my Sister En, her husband Jun, and I went home for the purpose. We arrived at our parents residence two days ahead of Papa Tantong's birthday on October 25 to afford enough time for the preparations.

We initially thought of celebrating the day away from home, in a hotel or resort in other town, just like our Mama Dulcing's last July. Our first choice was the Laguna Dream Resort in a far barangay within Surigao City but due to present day insurgence we canceled it. The second option was to check in in one noted hotel in the City, the Gateway Hotel. Due to proximity to our home residence, we opted not to. So we ended at choosing the nearest beach resort in nearby town, the Rose Beach in Ipil.

We successfully gathered our immediate families and relatives. The whole 4-hour celebration was filled with food and drinks. Some are drunk including my beloved nephew, Entoy. The most entertaining part was the dance exhibited by our little nephews.

October 26, the following day, the day of our return trip, was also my Sister En's birthday. We pre-celebrated her nativity at our father's beach party.

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