Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sexcapades: Venues you can never imagine

 Town or barangay fiestas are great times for manhunting --- that's for me at least. Public dances or "discos" are good venues for me to look for preys.

... Those were the days when I was young, active and in heat... And may I add, hot and beautiful!

I know I am beautiful and that conceit afforded me a high-level of confidence in terms of relating to men, or okay "boys!", especially those that I was physically attracted to. I would like to emphasize the category boys because most of my suki or patrons or regulars were men aging 15 to 19. Most of it were merely tricks and at very affordable, I mean "cheap", price. I have been bragging about paying twenty pesos, fifty pesos; one humms (or hundred pesos) is expensive for me. Though yes, I sometimes pay higher rates to as much as four humms but only to those professional prostitutes. And these are all true! Thus some men/boys called me "the boxer" which actually means kuripot (close-fisted, thrifty). Well, of course, you won't pay much for boys you picked up from public dances in remote towns or barangays, right? My answer is YES.

The real sense of "beauty talked" applied to me most of the time. And most of this "thank you" tricks happened or conducted in rare venues --- venues you can never imagine --- can be utilized for gaysex. Considering that in my hometown, hotels or motels or lodging houses are not in place. Besides, these accommodations entail costs. And thus in order to conduct tabooed sexual activities at no cost, I and my partner rather ran to the nearest vacant dwellings; mostly were sidewalk cottages, mid-farm huts, and beachside open cottages.

But I ventured more venues which most people (my inquisitive neighbors) won't anticipate to witness performance of unusual activities, like gaysex. Remember, sex is an activity of the underworld and such happened mostly at nighttime. I chuckled at this realization.

Below are the venues I myself cannot imagine I have been to to do the trick:

Tulay (Anao-aon Bridge)

Since I became homosexually active, under or over the bridge is the friendliest and the most accessible venue for me. My first ever regular sex partner had introduced me to utilizing the underbridge as sex den. Loloy Clerigo re-introduced me to anal sex and we regularly did it under the bridge --- the concrete bridge four houses away from our house. This same bridge has also been my booking area before I bring the boys to other venues. Even Loloy picked me up from here before taking me under it, undressed me and enter me from behind. It was my first time to enjoy buttfuck.

One particular unforgettable sex event I have experienced on this bridge was an oral sex I simultaneously performed to two Dennises (Besario and Gaugano). On top of the bridge, I let them lie their backs on the opposite ends of the bridge. I ran from one end to another to suck their dicks until they both climaxed leaving me sweating and exhausted. Nevertheless, it painted a smile on my face declaring myself to be the most wanted and can be the most sought after white blood sucker.

Sidewalk Cottages

In our own dialect, we call this colloquially as purok. Larry and I frequented one sidewalk cottage within our purok (a small congregation of households). My sex affair with Larry Lingatong started at a Christmas Party our young community held in this cottage, located midway from both our houses. It happened when we sat side by side on a long bench that he dunk his right hand inside my loose pants and stroked my hard crotch hard. I went home that dawn fully satisfied.

I did numerous sexual rites in various sidewalk cottages within my hometown. Most of them were picked up from various public dances during barangay or town fiestas. One momentous sexual event I have had was with Jester Seguis. We were friends for a long time before that incident happened. We have spent many sleepless nights together along with some common friends but nothing sexual occurred. Take note, he's one of my crushes among my teenage boy-neighbors and yet I have not taken advantage of him. That night, when we walked home together from a barangay fiesta, was entirely different. He asked me to pass the night at the same purok I talked about here with him. That was when he necked and petted me. Without second thought I reciprocated, bathed him with my saliva. He exploded inside my mouth. It made me feel more beautiful, so much so that he rendered it to me for free.

Mid-farm/Farmside Huts

Kamalig, we called it at home. The abovementioned Larry was one of those I brought in the mid-farm huts for a sexcapade. These are small farm huts made of nipa and bamboo sticks and usually built in the middle of the ricefield or coconut farm, one (usually) for each farm owner. Some of them though are built nearby the barangay roads, thus accessible for passers by. This particular venue was the most available and accessible one for my sexecution. Everytime I came home from a public dance, I made a detour to a nearby hut with a man tailing me or a teenage boy abreast.

One very unforgettable night was when a threesome happened among Nilmar, Al and myself. There was no public dance that time though. A recordbreaker! We three went together to accompany Al on his way home but we ended up doing sex at a farmside hut few meter from Al's residence. Ridiculously, when Nilmar entered Al from behind and I was standing tall pointing my maleness to Nilmar's face, a public utility vehicle arrived and U-turned at the spot right where the hut was erected, as all our cocks. Nilmar and I have thrusted a couple of times already and the heat of pleasure has taken almost the peak when the car's headlight pointed at our direction. Abruptly, we all fell freely and laid down on our backs, all our penises pointing skyward when the flash of light from the car came and went away.

My realization was to never again occupy a sidewalk farm huts for a sex trip, never do sex at early evening where most people are still awake and that some public utility vehicles are still servicing. Yes, our libido has shrunk down due to tension brought about by that fearsome interruptions. After laughing out loud, we stood back up, Nilmar fucking Al's ass again and stroking me at the same time, and the show went on that climaxed perfectly.

Unguarded Beach Resorts

Larry Lingatong and one of the Lirio brothers were my regulars at the nearby unguarded beach resorts. For a hundred bucks, each handjobbed me to my peakest ecstasy. During the nights after my shower, I used to catch the night breeze outside. That was when these men alternately, every other week I remember, approached me standing along the rural traffic-free highway. Upon agreeing on the price, we then head to the beach and find the nearest empty cottage, unmindful of the darkness. Darkness in fact is the most accommodating venue and the whispering slaps of small waves on the shoreline is the most soothing music as we do sex, where we don't need to hurry, through the night. Ah, the perfect ambiance!


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