Monday, April 18, 2011

Flashback: The Day I lost my Virginity

Many would find this a story of make believe. But I don't care, because this was my true-to-life story that only I can retell. It was April 18, 1994, right after lunch, in the middle of cassava fields, my first taste of same sex experience happened. It was the day that I lost my virginity.

Barangay Magtangale is one of the 11 barangays in my hometown, Anao-aon, in the west coast of Surigao del Norte province. This remotest barangay in the south section of the town's land area was the venue for my cousin's wedding that day. It was one summer after my first year in college. The first time I went out after I personally embraced my homosexuality. Yet not totally and openly declared to my whole clan that I am gay. I still stayed reserved, although with obvious hints, in their front.

I remembered wearing a tight-fitted jeans then, with a loose white with brown-striped shirt, when I along with cousins readied the lunch tables while waiting for the newly-weds to surface from the church's rite. As I tended the long-stretched plated food servings, shooing off the flies, cats and dogs alike, from the area, one teenage boy approached me declaring that someone find me sexy and beautiful. Wow! It was my first time to hear a man, named Joval, admired my gayness and exotic beauty. I felt flattered. Afterall it was my 18th year, my supposed debut, as most teenage girls celebrate upon reaching the age; I am therefore entitled to some come-of-age pageantry. I can not remember if I discarded the thought and shooed the messenger away or I giggled and expressed gratefulness to this Joval through him.

The newlyweds arrived along with all the guests and occupied the tables we set. Everyone's in complete business and jubilation as the traditional wedding rituals started. I busied myself coming in and out and around the food tables to refill food servings. Then the messenger came back and told me Joval wanted a talk, pointing to one of the rooms in the adjacent nipa house. I shivered at the thought of talking to a man I barely knew in a room, in the prospect of same sex escapade, in front of many people who might knew me and might relay the scene to my family, most especially to my father. My father, the "senior" as I am the mistaken "junior"; but I did not regret to be named such. And during those times, the prospect of gay talking to a man or even just a boy connotes something fishy and was totally tabooed.

I don't know what level of curiousity besat me, or maybe because the boy was very demanding for a yes as an answer, I abandoned my post and followed him. I told him that we should be somewhere far from the crowd. I was naive back then that proposing to be in secluded areas meant that I am really into the sex adventure. We introduced each other. Joval declared that he's from Butuan City, a two-hour drive to the south from our very own Surigao City. He's tall, dark and handsome. It flattered me more to have such an admirer. But then it happened so fast, I can not even remember if he courted me and I said yes, but that he started kissing my neck while unzipping his maong pants. My heart pumped so fast that it overwhelmed all my senses. I seemed numbed and electricuted. He grabbed my head and pulled it toward his groin. I fought back by twisting my head away from his lengthening penis. I am afraid of snakes and merely looking at long pointing dick is enough to look like a exotic brown snake, minus the forked tongue. I guessed the idea of sucking huge dick would suffocate me and kill me, much more Joval's huge endowment.

He sensed that I won't suck so he grabbed my waist, turned me over my back against him, forced my pants down. I initially did not react, it perhaps intrigued me the feeling of being fucked like a girl, only from behind. I positioned myself on a big rock, my two hands wrapped around the edges. But as he aimed his length and pushed it in my virgin back opening, I felt an extreme pain. I cried and I fought back, unwrapped my two hands from the stone and pushed Joval's groin away from my butt, and shouted "ouch, please stop!" But he is so strong!

The cassava plants standing 3 feet tall have witnessed my initiation, or shall I call it, hazing. This vast greenfields served as an accomplice as it silenced my cry before it reached the nearest community. The waterfalls as our backdrop no longer an attraction because its noise might have contributed to the susceptibility and conduciveness of the area for sex crime and I was the first victim. I thought of running while shouting and crying for pain but thought better of it; it will only expose me to the public that I engaged in a tabooed sexual activity. As I rethought my moves, Joval successfully inserted his almost 8-inch penis in my painfully burning anus. I cried hard and loud but he inserted his left palm into my mouth while thrusting fast and hard. I tried to free myself using my hands but the teenage messenger helped and cuffed my two hands with his hands. I felt my stomach heaving and pushed up and down by the huge snake-like muscle. It was not a good feeling! And I did not enjoy it. I knew I bit Jovals hands hard many times along the rhythm of his pushes and my cries that can be misconstrued as moans. Until finally he reached the climax and quivered and exploded.

I felt relieved when Joval relaxed. It was however an unpleasant view when he pulled out his maleness from my insides, the unrecognizable penis was crowned with mixtures of yellow shit, white sperm and red bloods. I feared the messenger will take over and jump on me, but maybe because of the disgusting aftermath scene, his urge along with his penis shrunk.

I escaped the scene immediately, zipped my pants, re-tucked in my shirt, wiped away my tears and sweats and came out of the cassava plantation, as if nothing happened. But the butt pain was excruciating, more so when I climbed my way up the top load of the jeepney on our way home. And the bumpy ride due to a very rough road exacerbated the feeling, and maybe even the laceration. There was indeed a laceration in my butt's canal; I saw blood in my shirt when I changed upon reaching home. The pain stayed on for a week. It did traumatize me that I avoid mroe anal penetration. From then on, I learned to suck dicks.

What was the best thing that happened during the experience was that I proved to everyone that having same sex activities did not always involved money. That beauty, no matter how exotic, counts. I don't have to pay for males to have anal or oral sex with me. The day that I lost my virginity is entirely and totally FREE. Though I did not enjoy it, but it was an unforgettable experience I did have during my debut year.

What happened to Joval after that? I don't know. He might have catched gonorrhea for the anus is full of bad bacteria and he used no condom that time. Well, of course, I hope he's fine. It was 17 years ago, yes too long ago, but I remembered it right. As always...

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