Thursday, April 7, 2011

Para Kanino ang MMDA Footbridge?

"ANG TATAWID DITO, PATAY!" maybe is the appropriate MMDA signage to warn all Filipinos of the danger in crossing the highways. The signages I knew are properly placed in selected center islands but I believe it would be better place at most densely populated areas.

I live in Commonwealth, Quezon City, at the infamous Manggahan. It is where the killer highway (Commonwealth) stretched so long and so wide from the QC Memorial Circle to Fairview. The whole curve of this highway is highly populated; where most subdivisions, most crossings, big wet markets, huge supermarkets, crowded squatters are situated. Long before its notoriety, a couple of footbridges were provided for commuters to safely cross the street; one was in Philcoa, another in Central Avenue, more in Montessori, Ever Gotesco, Batasan, Commonwealth Market and in Litex. When the total widening of the said highway happened, footbridges are rehabilitated, elongated and replicated in numbers. One even can wonder why need to put up these bridges in short distances from each other. For example, there are five footbridges within the short stretched of COA to Litex; I can not tell of it's just a kilometer long. But considering that there are 5 is more than enough. Why? Maybe to accommodate everyone since this is one densely populated area, 2 or 3 can not handle the crowd. But basically this is for the safety of everyone. No longer to cross the ground with all types of transport pass brazenly.

But behold, still plenty of people cross the ground, daring the fast traffic of buses, jeepneys, cars. They never respect the traffic advisories. They never follow traffic rules. How much more if the signages says like the following:

Just this morning on my way to the office, I noticed a newscaster and a cameraman on her heels approached the people crossing the highway along Commonwealth Market and asked them why they did not use the footbridge. I saw some men just shook their heads. From the window of the bus I rode I can tell that these people never really care. They don't care about anything even themselves, their safety, the hassles they brought to the motorists. They do not even understand why they do that. They are STUPID! UNEDUCATED! IGNORANT! And these traits are not of humans but of ANIMALS, like STRAY DOGS!

And so maybe the best MMDA signage should bear "ANG TATAWID DITO PAPATAYIN!" Many have been reported accidents related to pedestrian crossing the street on the ground but still many of us dare doing it over and over again. So I guess, we need more concrete examples, people crossing the street should be

I believe Filipinos are educated, so we can read and write. Simple traffic signages are readable and comprehensible. We are just lazy! Lazy to walk the extra meters towards the footbridges, lazy to exercise our feet climbing ladders of the footbridges, lazy to move our bodies even through the aid of these bridges. That is why Filipinos are prone to heart attacks, heart-related diseases, lazy-type-related illnesses... and even died of STUPIDITY.

Use of MMDA footbridges has plenty of benefits, from safety to healthy human being. Moreover, let us USE it because we PAY for it.

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