Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011's travel theme

 A travel to Bangkok, Thailand to see for ourselves the largest temple in the city, the Grand Palace, is booked on June 11-13, 2011. The tour will be with Surigaonon friends, Nang Lolong, Nanan and Dupong.

 A trip to see the Borobudur temple in Indonesia is something to look forward to. It only entails two trips, one from Manila to Jakarta and the other from Jakarta to another city near the Borobudur. Some of my Surigaonon friends are willing to accompany me to Jakarta, but I doubt if they will in fact follow me to Borobudur. This will hopefully realize in August 2011

 I have always kept a postcard of Taj Mahal in my planner since year 2010. I always admire the beauty of this man-made architecture and so I dreamt of paying a visit to New Delhi, India soon. I already have found the cheapest way of getting there, via Kuala Lumpur budget airline, the AirAsia. This however needs enough funds and ample time to schedule the trip.

This is Tianem Temple in Beijing, China. I initially planned to reach the Great Wall of China this September 2011 but because of the required visa, I doubt if I can make it. I am however inspired to realize the plan of getting there now that I learned that a college classmate of mine is working and living in Beijing. I can have the luxury of a tour guide that can speak my native tongue.

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