Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Other Side of Me

I had never done this in my high school years; I was closet then. I never did this in college though I was out but behave. The thought made me smile. But I already did this once during my gay community's christmas party. But then again, I thought of doing it over as a tribute to my Surigaonon friends and as an extravaganza during the opening of Kody's Music Bar in Surigao City. The bar is owned and managed by Tony and Alming Yu, a good friend of mine.

So there we dared, Al and I, dressed in drag, grabbed the microphones, braved the front stage and performed as stand-up comedians. I initiated the throwing of punchlines and Al did the singing for just 30 minutes audienced by the newlywed couple (my sister En and her hubby Jun), my neighbors, my friends, and other guests. A glimpse of the one-night-only performance on January 8, 2011 is here below:

I would like to thank Ganni for my gown. Al would also like to thank Ancyz for his gown. 

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