Thursday, May 20, 2010


Title: Maniacal Obsession

Nanlalaki mata ko to notice that a olive green Toyota Corolla sped straight to my direction. Napalukso ako sa may bangketa reaching the faded signpost, hoping it will save me. “Putcha!” I swore.
It was a week ago at this very spot as I walked along Libertad street towards the highway when a motorcycle with two riders on sideswept me and grabbed the black leather bag containing the company-issued HP laptop computer clutched on my right hand. Fortunately, I seized the bag firmly that the back rider has let go. “Fuck you!” I remembered swearing at the direction where they zoom away. It upset the coolness of my morning so fixed for a business trip to Tarlac.
Akala ko isang beses lang sa buhay ng tao ang malas o disgrasya. Exactly one year ago today, when “laglag barya” gang victimized me one early morning on my way to the office. I rode a passenger jeepney then and it stopped in just a corner away from my office building. Five big men jumped in whom I thought are normal passengers. Three of them sat in front of me, one on my left and the other on my right. I felt great, fresh and carefree that day that I sensed no danger. The center guy fronting me reached their fare to the driver who accidentally, I assumed, dropped the coins on my spot. All four men busied themselves to retrieve scattered coins under my seat, each one trying to part or push or swing my legs here and there to clear the view. Then all of a sudden my two-month old Nokia 77 swung out of my right pocket, picked up by the fifth man on my right side who jumped off in an instant. “My phone!” I cried. “Phone mo ‘yon? Habulan mo, ayun o!” the third man facing me suggested pointing to the snatcher crossing the footbridge 200 meters away. “Di ba kasama n’yo yon?” I snapped and hurriedly got off. I meekly entered the gate after losing site of the snatcher.
And here I am again, nearly bumped by a car at this landmark of my hard luck. I opted to walk towards EDSA after a weeklong morning rides, the phobic effect of the snatching attempt. Saturdays. The car stopped at my spot but I stood the ground. The mirrors rolled down and the driver peeked over the passenger side’s window. “Hi!” he greeted. Just HI? Does he think this incident is some joke? What about ‘I’m sorry’? I just stared at the handsome face; eyebrows crossed, and then proceeded my way.
As I crossed the corner before Edsa, I noticed the same car turned the other corner. I walked passed stores, Andox, Mini-Stop, Mang Boks and Mercury Drug. I stopped at the corner to wait for the right bus to ride and there came the same car following me. It parked in the vacant parking space inside Mercury Drug compound. The driver come out of the car and walked towards me. Maybe he’s lost and needed direction from me. Or he may know me but I did not recognize him. “Hi, Adrian here. Think I know you. Have met you somewhere.”
I don’t know if it was a question or simply a declaration. But oh! he’s damn cute, svelte, 3 inches taller than me. In black and white striped polo, sleeves rolled up in three-fourths. I was star-struck and haven’t uttered a word but he offered me the passenger seat. I was supposed to visit my other apartment in Commonwealth, QC as it was Sunday, my usual schedule visit, I told him. But he brought me to his pod instead in Madison Tower around Pioneer, just few blocks away from my pod in the opposite side of Edsa.
“I’m sorry to scare you”, I finally heard him apologized. “I just want to surprise you”. Surprise me? Who the hell is this guy to surprise me? I don’t even remember meeting him or just having a glimpse of him in any place on earth I have been to.
He told me he has been eyeing for me since the first time he saw me one afternoon around there. He was then riding a white car. He then confessed that he orchestrated the snatching incident that happened to me few days ago. He reminded me that he was the IM doctor whom I consulted several months ago when sore throat attacked me. And that was at Healthway SM City North-Edsa the Block. He checked on my medical records but the address was in Commonwealth. He planned of pursuing me but declined considering that it was too far and too circumventing from his normal route.
He confessed he hired men to monitor me. He indeed knew my morning routine as I went out of my apartment; that I am unpredictable at nighttime. The snatch incident was framed up but never realized. I remember that day when two men riding a motorcycle attempted to grab my laptop computer. He wished he can get close to me when the laptop was with him. That he can disguise in any way as my help to retrieve my computer.
But the desire soared back when he noticed me around Mandaluyong area. He initially mistook me of a callboy for he saw me standing at Libertad-Esteban Sts. dark corner. It was rumored among gaymen that the dark corner is the haven of few callboys in Mandaluyong. He said that his initial route to the Clinic and home was through Edsa-Boni, until he sighted me there one early dawn from his evening shift in Bernardino Hospital in Novaliches. It was, as he remembered it, me being picked up by his friend who occupied a condo unit in the neighboring California Gardens.
I feared for what will happen this meeting. I worry for the next thing to happen between us. He stalked me. So for sure he’s primarily after for a physical contact. For sure he wants to have sex with me since. With fear overpowering me, I know that ever sex will ensue, I really can’t afford a hard-on.
He’s so cute and I can’t imagine how desperate this person is to tail me in any way he can get. Knowing all these craziness in him, my physical admiration to him plummeted, even my libido. I wished right there and then that this first meeting would not end at a fuck. But it did.
He assumed I have erectile dysfunction. He tried his best to lick my dick, expecting for a full stretched response. Yet it didn’t. I wished he will instead fuck me but he’s a flat bottom, he declared. He was very disappointed of picking me up.

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