Thursday, May 20, 2010

my American Idol 2010

After the nationwide vote... It is LEE DEWYZE!
Lee DeWyze Biography

Born Leon James DeWyze on April 2, 1986, in Mount Prospect, Illinois, to parents Kathleen and Lee DeWyze.

Lee, Jr. began performing music publicly at the age of 16. After graduating from Mount Prospect High School, DeWyze released his first independent album, So I'm Told (2007). He then signed to independent music label WuLi Records, which released his album Slumberland (2010).

DeWyze auditioned for the reality music competition American Idol in 2009. He made it onto the show's ninth season, and is currently in the top 2 finalists.

I really feel for him...He has a humble beginning. Yes, he's bashful because he's that good-natured person that for sure will always keep his feet on the ground. He is the type of person that would value his beginning whatever greatness he will harvest in the future.

He's been my bet since the top 24 and I will always be his avid fan. I will keep myself updated with his accomplishments, I will for sure run to the record bars whenever he released his album/s.

I will always beLEEve in his talents, his shyness, and his cuteness!

I even posted in my FB status the call to my friends and relatives in the US to vote for LEE on May 25 (May 26 in the Philippines) after his for-sure-wow 3-song performance.


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