Monday, July 6, 2015

WanWan is Tinkering at Two

Tinker Bell as her second birthday's motif
Wanwan's parents, En (my sister) and Jun, decided to throw her a house party to celebrate her 2nd birthday. I can remember vividly that her 1st year was a pool party in one of the resorts nearby.

Photo taken during a family's lunch at Tokyo Tonteki, UP Town Center

It seems like just yesterday when our baby Wanwan was so little, fragile, swaddled and cuddled all the time. But now, she can run even before she can walk, and walk on tiptoes, matter-of-factly. She suddenly turns into a two-year own toddler.

At 1489 Cableway Resort, Calumpang 
Binangonan, Rizal

She inherited our (mine and my siblings') high energy-level. But she is beyond her own mother's adrenaline rush. She loves heights, adrenaline-pumping activities such as tumbling on foamy beds, sliding on every thing reclined, jumping, and climbing ladders up and down.

Playing Daddy's laptop computer; Nanay mentoring

A pose with 'Addy at UP Town Center ground

Sunday morning exercise with Lolo and Lala at Quezon City Memorial Circle

She is already good with gadgets, knows exactly what to do with touch-screen laptop computers and cellphones. She knows the tabs, understands the icons, and able to tenderly press on buttons and icons. The downside however, as for me is being disturbed when working with my laptop computers, because she will press anything and browse the built-in games. The same is true with her mother and father. They often argue on the use of cellphones, even when they had calls, Wanwan will go on tantrums just because she wants to play with the cellphones.

Enjoying the cake
Playing with Nanay's cellphone
Wishing to travel to Myanmar with 'Addy

She is precocious! Growing up with Lolo Tantong and Lala Dulcing as daily chaperons, she behaves and talks (though unclear yet and mumbles all the time) like a school age girl. She retells a story from what she used to watch, a movie (particularly "Frozen" which she calls "Anna," being so fanatic of the character Anna) or the tv series (Pooh, Barney, Mickey Mouse, Pocoyo), mouthing some words, mostly baby-talks-type. She can tell that you did not understand what she's saying that she will repeat the word over and over again until you get her. And once you understand her, she would say, "Aye!" She can construct a sentence now, though not complete, but you can read between the lines and her facial expressions.

I created a tunnel for her out of carton boxes so that she can reenact the boom-boom episode of Barney's ABC

She adorably took a pose at the back of my new sofa bed
She loves popping balloons. So brave! She loves to see me juggle plastic balls. So demanding! She loves a good night kiss with a smack on the lips. So cute!

Wanwan is really tinkering at 2!

A pose with her Tinker Bell-themed cake

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