Saturday, June 13, 2015

My my, a Luxury!

Pearl Farm Resort in Samal Island is one of the very interesting destinations in my bucket list. I was very fortunate to actually step on it this year. Then on June 11, a day before the Philippine Independence Day, I finally got the chance to get an entry pass to this luxurious resort.

I was just taking my chances. I knew that pre-booking is highly necessary for the day tour and I have not reserved a slot beforehand. So what I did was I went directly to its marina station in Sasa and inquired for a vacant slot. The lady-receptionist declared at once that the day tour that day was fully booked. I plead for a hitch, requesting the manager (over the phone) to include me despite being full. After several minutes of waiting, because they still have to coordinate the additional slot with the island, the resto bar, and the seat in the boat, I was granted access.

The waiting area has small swimming pool and a cafeteria lounge. I took a stroll around the area, which has a garden and a souvenir shop near the dock, with some pearl vendors offering you discounts and the like. Since the guests have to wait for the 9am boat ride, I settled in one couch inside the cafeteria and ordered a breakfast of a vegetable sandwich plus a handcrafted coffee. 

After a 45-minute boat ride, the beautiful landscape of bamboo-made huts and other structures welcomed us. A short orientation is conducted at the arrival area, under the Parola, with a fanfare using some musical gongs and Muslim Mindanao instruments. 

The infinity pool was so inviting. The snorkeling site was so intriguing. The beach area being so clean and well-manicured, was so interesting. With a locker key handed to me by the usherette, I went straight to the locker room to change for a swimming outfit.

But I just changed, then started working. They have this working area for laptop computer users, near the restaurant, and overlooking the pool. The view was so priceless, very expensive actually. 

I settled there, ordered a capuccino and typed the drafts for the business plan and finalized the financial projections of MacArthur Water System and Service. Some friendly foreigners would tease me of rather swimming than working. And I replied that I would take a dip after I completed my works.

Then the buffet lunch was served. They have a huge buffet area with reasonably variable buffet sets for your picking. I helped myself to chinese, japanese, korean, and filipino recipes. The paid coupons include a complimentary drinks. I resumed working after the sumptuous lunch.

I have completed the draft at little past 2pm. I then deposited my stuffs in the locker and dove in the infinity pool along with other foreign and local guests.

I really enjoyed this P2,500 worth day tour. A boat transfers to and fro, buffet lunch and drinks, infinity pool and stunning view, manicured lawn and beach areas, and many more perks were priceless and more than value for money.

The boat trip back was called at 4pm. 

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