Saturday, August 9, 2014

Emceeing a Debut Party for a Fee

Through cousin's wife, I was contacted to host a Debut Party. The call was made in June, while I was in Surigao. I just agreed without digging more details.

It was during the meeting with the Debut Coordinator that I realized I will be partnered by a friend in college days, Sherill Alciso, her maiden name. I was ecstatic because we already had the connection, so hosting together would be easy for us. Having a event's organizer is a relief since somebody else will do the coordination, will man the flow of the program, will prepare everything for you. But in the end, it turned out, Sherill and I still had roles in maneuvering the program in order to sustain the interest and the momentum.

Plenty of drama were displayed between the immediate family of the debutante and the Debut Coordinators group. I just listened to both sides without siding anyone, but I really pitied the organizers because every thing was not laid out to them beforehand.

That party day, we the hosts were requested to be at the venue right after lunch. But Sherill and I arrived late, at around 4 in the afternoon. Good that we procrastinate because the hall preps was still unfinished by the time we arrived. And that the party really started late, at little past 8 in the evening. Then the party, I mean the usual ceremonies alone with the dinner was prolonged for about 5 hours. I left the venue with my family at midnight.

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