Monday, May 13, 2013

Who must be my Senators?

I posted this status in my Facebook few days before the 2013 National Elections in the Philippines:
I would like to reiterate the time to discern the best lawmakers for the good of our beloved nation. My list of 12 Senators I believe can bring in new good things follows:
  1. Aquino 
  2. Angara
  3. Cayetano
  4. Escudero
  5. Gordon 
  6. Hagedorn
  7. Hontiveros
  8. Pimentel
  9. Poe
  10. Trillanes
  11. Villanueva 
  12. Zubiri

Please vote also, my dear FBarkadas! Let's exercise our right of suffrage!
No Enrile or Villar nor Ejercito; enough for Magsaysay and Legarda!!!
Few days later, the results come out and the newly elected Senators are the following:
  1. Poe
  2. Legarda
  3. Escudero
  4. Cayetano
  5. Binay
  6. Angara 
  7. Aquino
  8. Pimentel
  9. Trillanes
  10. Villar
  11. Ejercito
  12. Honasan
As can be seen, 7 of my senatorial bets have landed in the top 12. 3 of my disliked candidates have indeed caught a spot.

When I checked on their educational background of the first 11 (since the 12th spot is still contestable considering that the counting has not yet closed), I found the following:

  • Poe, a grad of polsci from Boston College; 
  • Legarda, a polsci grad (cum laude) from UP; 
  • Escudero, a Master in Intl & Comparative Law from Georgetown Univ;
  • Cayetano, a Juris Doctor from ADMU; 
  • Binay, a BS Tourism grad from UP; 
  • Angara, Masters of Law from Harvard; 
  • Aquino, grad of ADMU and Harvard; 
  • Pimentel, bar topnotcher with doctoral degree from PUP; 
  • Trillanes, PMA cum laude with masters from UP; 
  • Ejercito, polsci grad from La Salle; 
  • Villar, UP grad

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