Friday, April 12, 2013

DICK-TIONARY of KC Positions

I learned these sensual definition of the acronyms used to refer to positions in the KC Project's staffing structure from my good friends in the project. They are supposed to be punchlines and not intended to offend anyone.

Kudos to the authors, most importantly Sis Clare Logronio and Sis Laida Tamam!

The selected positions generally assigned to Field Offices are defined as follows:

RPC = Regional Penis Custodian
CPS = Community Penetrating Sexologist
RCDS = Regional Cat- and Dog-style Specialist
RIE = Regional Intercourse Expert
RCIS = Regional Copulation and Intercourse Specialist
FA = Fucking Assistant
RFA = Regional Fucking Analyst
SMO = Sex Maniac Organizer
M&EO = Masturbation and Ejaculation Officer
AS = Addicted to Sex

Even the signature process of people empowerment has wild definition:

CEAC = Copulation and Erection Activity Cycle

Now, apart from defining some acronyms, the abovementioned word magicians have the following punchlines:

ADAN = the very First Accountant... because he made the first entry
EVA = the very First Engineer... because she made the first erection


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