Friday, October 19, 2012


In the Old Testament, and I am referring to the Holy Scripture, the fourth book of Moses is called Numbers, because it begins with the numbering of the people. The Hebrews, from its first words, call it Vaiedabber. It contains the transactions of the Israelites from the second month of the second year after their exodus, until the 11th month of the 40th year; that is, a history almost of 39 years.

A movie worth watching entitled Murder by Numbers is a psychological suspense-thriller that tells the story of a tenacious homicide detective Cassie Mayweather, Sandra Bullock's role, and her new partner Sam Kennedy, performed by Ben Chaplin, who became pitted against two malevolently brilliant young men, starring Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt, in  an ingenious battle of wits as they try to solve a murder case.

I wanted to cite more writings, articles, movies, post ads that talk about numbers, just like those mentioned above. But I want to concentrate more on this article that I thought of a lot of times. Permit me to borrow the title Numbers.

I believe I am good in numbers. I am an Accountant for ***'s sake. I was awarded the "Mercury Drug Excellence in Mathematics" in my elementary years and "Best in Math" in high school. I joined Math Olympiad in my college years, and for 4 consecutive years I always reached the finalist, though I have never been declared the champion. I chuckled at this thought.

Until... I met this man. A man who is per my scaling is a really perfect 10. I initially thought I was the good one, but he is better. He is a Math geek, although he does not look like one. His pretty-boy look is the exact opposite of it. He is a Statistician, a high school math teacher. He ate numbers, so to speak.

14-15-16-19 are very significant numbers for me when I stumbled on him. They account for our first meeting, his first call, my first time to flirtatiously call him 'babe', and our first date, respectively. Numbers play a vital role in our personalities, in our relationship. He speaks well of it and I deal with it so often. 8 is our lucky number, I must say, because both our first and family names count 8. To the Chinese feng shui, number 8 is considered auspicious because it sounds like "getting rick" - which we both dream.

Our birthdays even have similarities; his is 10-19 and mine is 01-09. Hence, 'tis my theory therefore, that numbers indeed can tell compatibility. He is Mr. Roderick Jadoc Mendiola y Jamora Rosales. A good-natured person, a great man. A good friend, trustworthy confidante. A sweet lover, loving sweetheart. Absolutely a bomb, babe!

As per my computation, I will age with him a lifetime... And for this I say, though this may sound kiddy, teeny, corny, or cheesy: 1-4-3-4-4-4. Babe, you can dial these numbers anytime, anywhere; toll-free. Today is your birthday, please enjoy and God bless you more bountiful years.

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