Sunday, May 13, 2012

My 2012 Book Addiction

George RR Martin is lately the culprit of my latest book addiction.

Inspired by the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, I was lured by the story of its adaptation... in the books. I discovered that the whole story was based on the 4-book novel entitled, A Song of Fire and Ice.

I started scanning the first book, A Game of Thrones, and found the movie series very faithful to it. Just like the episodes in the movies, the book drowned me into the world of fantasy very relatable to current state of the Earth - the conflict, the war, the greed of power, the politics, the game of thrones!

A Game of Thrones was not enough to quench my hunger to know the mind of the author. I believe that book 1 was just the introduction, knowing its magnanimity and full of thrills, unexpected twists and turns, and an image of new world, the second to fourth books would definitely contain more of those. It kept me going... and going...

Book 2, entitled A Clash of Kings, deserved another patronage. It brought forward the adventures founded in its predecessor and deepened and expound the bits and pieces of plots, conflicts, issues thrown in book 1. It further my obsession to Matin's work of magic; a dark spell that bound me to read further on...

Here comes the book 3, A Storm of Swords. This is the story that can stand on its own at the same time merging all scattered foundations established in the preceding books. The sequel that is so spellbounding. My favorite book so far, of the three that I read. The one that gave me mixed emotions, I mean that it is complete of stories that made me laugh, made me cry, made me hate reading, made me love to read on.

But since the adventure is not yet over, given the thrilling and intriguing ending in Book 3,  the quest for the palatable ending is yet ahead. And as to date, reading book 4, A Feast for Crows, is ongoing.

And I won't stop reading even after A Feast for Crows.

A Dance with Dragons is definitely in line at my bookshelf.

Just like my obsession to Harry Potter books, I would be willing to queue for two more books my new fave author is lining up for release; of what date nobody is yet certain. It would be an honor to get hold of:

The Winds of Winter
A Dream of Spring

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