Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lechon (from Surigao) Party

My 36th birthday celebration is contingent to the good weather in Surigao.

I kept saying this to my friends and officemates. This was due to the fact that my birthday won't realize until the lechon (roasted pig) from Surigao arrives. Thus, I called it a lechon party. And it was threatened by the rainy weather in Surigao that day. The daily flight to Surigao by Airphil Express is known to have been canceled these past days since December 2011. And thank God, despite the rains in my homeland, the plane was able to land and fly back to Manila with the lechon. The roasted pig was the promised birthday gift from my parents, Papa Tantong and Mama Dulcing. The flight however was delayed for about 2 hours.

Nevertheless, the party went on.

The Go family, Jun and Ruth, voluntered to provide car to pick up the lechon cargo from Airphil Express cargo station at the Domestic Airport to my apartment in Commonwealth, Quezon City. My current officemates and former colleagues and my college friends and classmates arrived at my place right after I settled everything on the table. The menu included grilled bangus and tilapia, miki-bihon guisado, macaroni salad, garden salad, baked spaghetti, and of course, lechon. Some of them brought in gift in food and beverage items: rhum, red wine, cake, cupcakes. My boyfriend gave me a heart-shaped throw pillow, colored pink.

Fortunately, my apartment held on despite its minimal space where my around 30 visitors squeezed in. In fact some of my young officemates ate their foods in standing position; I was not able to prepare chairs for this crowd. And the party ended with drinking session with drinking visitor left behind until past 10 o'clock in the evening. See evidence through pictures...

My parents' gift indeed has made my party a blast!

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