Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How can the Philippines become a tourism billionaire?

This is an open question in Yahoo forum. And since it interests me, I dare to answer. And my answer is that Philippines can never be!

hop on the white (naked) island in Camiguin
All tourists I rubbed elbows with during my foreign travels fear kidnappings in the Philippines (Abu Sayaff and/or NPAs). Unless we can promote our country refuting this concern and not just refuting but taking measures to address it, we can somehow attract them to visit us. Yes there are a couple of tourists coming in and out of our country but those are daring, open-minded, and adventurous.
walk barefooted around the white sanded Boracay Island

Furthermore, I noticed that our tourism industry way way lack the worldwide promotion. If we compare it with Malaysia's, we notice their promotions in all pay-(cable)channels are visible and ubiquitous. If ours is as this frequent, attractive and worldwidely, then all negative travel advisories against our country may be drowned by it, because tourists are born curious.
take a nice wacky pose at any chocolate hill/s in Carmen, Bohol

Finally, the accessibility of our airports; NAIA itself is not directly accessible and somewhat isolated from the central metropolis. Compare it with Singapore, Bangkok, Hongkong, KL, the airport transfers are organized, integrated, and safe.

Resolution of these three issues and concerns will somehow move our tourism forward near the top.
reflective of fisherfolks in Mulanay, Quezon

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