Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dead Air

Been very busy for the past two months. This is the reason why I haven't attended my blogs. I have many things in mind to write, but I failed in finding the right time to sit and jot them down. But the two months, August and September, has past and so I hope I can resume writing anything under the sun.

I think of writing my angst about the stand of the church on reporductive health (RH) bill. It has been known that an agreement has supposedly reached between the Church and the Government. But just recently, a threat was posed against P-Noy to be excommunicated if he continued to support the said bill. The Church further calls for the civil disobedience if and when the bill is passed and promulgated.
My initial postings on facebook in relation to this were the following:

I am so disappointed by the threat posed by our Catholic Church leaders as to its stand against RH Bill. But I believe it is not exactly the stand of the whole Church, which is the people... the so-called Church of and for the Poor for I myself believe RH Bill passage is one true remedy to poverty most of our Church Members suffer.
Let's disregard the idea of "civil disobedience" against the government...we can instead apply "civil disobedience" to the bad call from our Church leaders.

For me, they're very UNREASONABLE!!!
Definitely, an article about another asian travel will be blogged in November, the Singapore-KL tour. This is something to look forward to.
I would like also to continue my unfinished stories. I hope I can come up with my first novel.
More stories are coming, like the "Barangan", my self-proclaimed Biography, and more.

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