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You know friends, I experienced God's miracle since June 20. And a friend of mine said,

“If I may, I would like to correct you. I think that you experience it everyday and just do not realize it. However I am sure there is one miracle in particular that you wish to share with me. Please do.” Mark Scheuerell, Chicago, Ill. USA

YES! I believe everyday is God’s miracle for all of us. But I say, this is BIG time, a BIG one!

June 20 was father's day, right? I greeted my father, Papa Tantong Sr., “Happy Father’s Day” through SMS that morning at 10 o’clock. Later in the afternoon we were informed, receiving a text message from my mother, Mama Dulcing, that our father was rushed to the hospital; Surigao Medical Center the nearest one. He was accommodated in the Emergency Room and the doctor, Dr. Go, declared that his heart is in coma. My sister dared to talk to the doctor over the phone. Me? I can’t, I just stared at her and the phone waiting and hoping for good news. I mean good prognosis. I am a licensed nurse, but if an immediate family, a Father in particular, as patient, I can not be a nurse. Then the doctor informed us that the heart attack happened at 12 noon. That was right after their petty celebration of the Father’s Day. Mama told me that Papa and two other Uncles ate “kinilaw” during lunch and shared a Tanduay rhum. She further informed me that Papa even requested for a refill of the bottle of Tanduay rhum they emptied. That Papa later climbed up the bed to rest. That was I think when he started feeling chest pains. Then at about 2 pm, ordered Mama to call my Uncle Mauro, my father’s younger brother, to drive him to the hospital. My father only declared his chest pain at 2pm, which the doctor said “was too late!”

En, my sister can no longer hold her tears. I interrupted her sobbing and pushed her to plea the doctor to do everything they can. What else can we do? What can I do to help? Nothing but plea. We are miles miles away. The doctor assured us that they're doing the best they can only that he sounded pessimistic then. Cardiac arrest like that of my father is seldom savable. They in fact inject epi or nitroglycerin (I think, I’m not 100% sure about the meds they put on him) to melt down the blood or to smoothen the arterial muscles so that blood can flow around the body, most especially to the vital organs, brain, lungs and heart. But his heart has stopped working, was in comatose, was in high fibrillation. Mama’s sobbing reverberated through the phone when it was declared code blue and my father was put in shock. I can imagine the scene from several movies, medical movie series, how shock is performed. That was when the person is near death. That was I believe what my mother has in her mind then.

That was really really unfortunate for Mom, that day when they rushed Papa to the hospital, because my sister-in-law, their only company at home, went to Butuan, the next city 2-hour ride away from Surigao to visit my nephew Entoy who schooled there. So my mother really was left alone to assist my father. I know how difficult it was for her. But I knew she is strong woman as she always been! Perhaps that is the one reason why she has enlarged heart because she kept everything to herself, especially matters of the heart. It was her cardiomegaly that actually panicked us when we heard her crying over the phone as my father was put to shock, crowded with ER doctor and nurses.

Mama asked me of my father’s chances of survival, of passing this dreadful episode, of recovery. I comforted her, not assuring her of anything. I just told her to be very accepting of the will of God. I was also crying deep inside me but I need not show it or reflect it in my voice while talking to Mama. I cried shyly during the Communion portion of the Sunday Mass we attended later that night. I poured all my heart pains hoping that it can restore my father’s heart.

Then I saw a bit of hope and of course it increased my faith when the doctor told us that the body still accepts ventilation. For me it means that the remaining circulating blood is still with oxygen. I prayed, I mean I demanded God to save Papa. We are not ready yet to lose a father, not in this manner particularly. God is so very Great that after being declared comatose for 7 hours, he (my father) opened his eyes and spoke at 9pm. He (God) granted our plea. Mama Mary interceded for us. Papa Tantong is saved from the claws of death. We were relieved! We too were revived from deep sadness. I was sort of lifted in heaven then! Then the doctor induced another drug to put him to return to sleep to rest yet. No moving, no talking, no drinking, no eating, to avoid loads of the heart yet.

I really don’t know how it happened...just that they, Mama included, told us he woke up and spoke. Miracle, right? We don’t need to check how, what, why…Don’t forget that this is a story about a miracle! Blessed be Jesus, Mary, & Joseph! GOD is GREAT! all the time!

Then later that night, Mama told us they actually spoke with my father. In fact father requested En, my sister not to go home anymore, that they can manage there. But I already booked and bought my sister's plane ticket. En insisted to come home. She's on her way home now. She will be of help to Mama. I will soon follow after all my business dealings here in Manila.  

The following day, En reached Surigao and attended Papa. She called me to update me every now and then. One important thing she relayed was about the declaration of the doctor. This is also relayed to her by our parents. That the doctor almost gave up in performing the 20th cardiac shock which for the first he endured the 21 times of putting electricity to my father’s heart. That the doctor declared that Papa was the very first cardiac arrest victim in the record revived that long and survived. This really made my father famous in the hospital. That the doctor then conversed with my now-conscious father that he has therefore this mission which God alone knows and he alone can realize. That the doctor advised my father to take good care of this second life granted by God and never waste it than fulfill the mission God has given him too. 

Later that day, the doctor talked to my sister. He told her, as relayed by En, that he is doing everything he can. He called his approach as conservative medical intervention, prescribing all relevant and available medicines in that can help alleviate my father’s heart condition. But he confirmed that my father indeed requires more substantive medical examinations and interventions. One of which is the examination through angiogram. This is to detect how many veins and arteries were damaged. That if only two or three were defective, then an angioplasty will be prescribed. However, if more than that number, then a heart surgery will be ordered. If the required medical attention sounds burdensome, its corresponding costs weigh more than burdensome.

And since God granted us the second life of our father, then I believe the necessary medical attention should be availed of, and the necessary bank account should also be available. I believe my sister En is right: “if Papa is given by Him the second chance, then there’s no doubt we will also be granted the ways and means to raise money for the same purpose.” Our primary purpose therefore from now on is to save my Papa Tantong’s life for whatever cost. 


Cris that was a real and great story to share with.........Get well soon to your Papa ha..........and I will include him in my prayers for him to recover fast and be back in your arms again............ your sis jasmin, pampanga

I didnt realize initially that this was about your Dad. I am truly glad to hear that your prayers for your father were answered. God's ways are mysterious indeed. Hope he recovers fast.
Alma D. Porciuncula
Chief of Party, Philippine Water Revolving Fund Support Program-Development Alternatives, Inc., Manila

Hi, Cris. Im really touched by how the Lord has answered your prayer. Indeed, He is our healer, an ever present help in times of trouble. Will pray for complete recovery of your father. I hope this will bring your relationship with the Lord closer and more meaningful.
Thanks for sharing. Im reminded of the many miracles He has shown me, too. God bless!
Thess, EcoGov Manila

Indeed cris, your family just had a miracle! My prayers are with you, especially your Dad, your Mom and the rest of the family..... Henceforth, red letter na gyud ang june 20 for you and the family.........hallelujah!!!
Marlene, PWRF-SP Manila

WHEW! GRABEH sir nnindog aqng balhibo! mkhilak mn pd ta sir oi!

Lanie, Matanao, Davao del Sur

It was indeed a great MIRACLE...it reminds us all that GOD is really good and great!

still praying for your dad's speedy recovery!
Lorelie, Capaz, Tarlac

Sir cris,

our prayers is with your family.....May your father get well soon. God bless.
Bridget, Sydney, Australia

God is great! Your friend is correct to say that we experience miracles everyday of our lives and it's true that we just don't realize it. We're too busy to even notice them. The air we breath, the sun that shines, the rain that falls, everything that surounds us and most especially the life we have are all miracles from God. All these God gifts are all miracles that we have to appreciate and thank God. We tend to realize God's goodness and love only when bad things happen and when God makes a great miracle out of it.
Your Dad's second life is a miracle that we really have to thank God. Very seldom people get a second chance to live and survive such a tragedy. Your Dad was given a second life for him to give glory to God. He's a very lucky man because still he's given the chance to announce and share God's goodness and love for everybody. This is also the time for him to change his life the way God wants it to be and to lead a true Christian life in the same image of God.
I'm very happy that you shared this miracle to everybody, for this is one way of glorifying and phrasing God.

I know that this miracle will not only change your father's life but all the members of your family. It's very very hard to walk in the image of God, but it's worth trying and sacrificing. We will not be able to make our life spiritually perfect but God will guide us through.
Extend our prayers and love to your mom and dad.
Ogie and Nanette, Marikina

wow, cris. i just finished reading your message. that was SO moving. so powerful. you believed your father was going to get better, and he did. that was a very uplifting email, evoking the power of belief, and i must admit i am hesitant to acknowledge this, but somehow that power of belief worked.
thanks to the grand architect of the universe. thanks to your faith. thanks to your father's will to live. thanks to your mother's love and hope.
i am so moved.
my thoughts are with your family.
Sansoy, London, England

It’s really a big miracle GOD IS SO GOOD TO US. PRAISE HIM!
Lolong Aldonza, Surigao City

I’m sorry to hear na nagkasakit father mo. All I can give is my prayers for his recovery. God Bless!

Ruth, Capas, Tarlac 

"huuuu... it's really hard but with HIM nothing is impossible! indeed, to HIM all our praises be!" 
Dupong, Surigao City 

"See how God's power and will works!!!! Amazing event!"
"Very good to hear that, Sir Cris.."
Tina, Quezon City

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