Thursday, February 11, 2010

GRANDIOSE 2009 CLOSING --- a harbinger of a marvelous new year!

Annual closing for Pinoys equates the long happy holidays, from Christmas eve celebrated in our so-called Noche Buena to Medya Noche of the New Year's Day. And year 2009 is no difference.

Dreams and wishes during this holiday season are used interchangeably. I used to think that dreams are for adults and wishes for children. But what befall me this ending year is a fusion of dreams and wishes coming to reality. What makes it more outstanding is that I have been dreaming about them a very long time ago and wishing to realize them year to year. And they were granted to me abundantly, to wit:

a. long term consultancy contract with a US-based firm starting on February 2010.
b. Papa Tantong's decision to retire from work at age 65 by 2010, though the construction company he's been working with still intends to grant him intermittent jobs.
c. my Mama Dulcing's sister, Auntie Neva and her family to migrate to USA this year 2010, finally joining her husband in California.
d. my nephew's (Entoy) graduation from college with a bachelor degree in Philosophy, plus his intent to pursue law right after graduation.
e. our moving in to a new home, a very spacious, safe and comfortable condo unit, which this time my partner Erick agreed to the transfer.

I have once again proven my worth as a person and as a professional. I was so elated to know that the Washington-based consultancy firm which hired me for short-term contracts has finally absorbed me as its long-term consultant. It granted me the same rate for a period until project ends in 2011. I was so honored to be part of the caliber of consultants which UP Diliman grads ruled.

All these great things has superseded all the bad happenings in 2009. It has wrapped up a great year-end. It has started a better year for 2010. God is great, all the time! He grants reality to wishes and dreams.

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