Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cancelled Trips Overseas

First was China.

It was not because of the boundary conflict, but because I was denied of tourist visa. It was not really denied; my bank account maintaining balance did not meet the minimum requirement. In short, and I conclude, the tourist trip to mainland China is an opportunity or shall I say luxury of the elite. Poor tourists and backpackers like me which only set specific funds for a specific purpose such as trip like this had no opportunity for tourist travel to this country.

Taking advantage of the promo plane fare by the Cebu Pacific Air, I got the roundtrip ticket 6 months advance. My  Manila - Beijing ticket only cost me a thousand and a hundred pesos. My return ticket Shanghai - Manila cost me almost the same amount of pesos. So it was so affordable and was I think a special treat for myself.

Been wishing to climb, trot, take a pic of the famous Great Wall in Beijing. Been dreaming to step on the only man-made structure visible in the outer space. Been wondering how it feels like when I am actually at the tourist spot where most films plotted in China were shot. Been hoping to experience the bullet train travel down south to Shanghai. Been thinking of capturing the wonder of the extremes between the preserved heritage in Beijing and the modernization in Shanghai. This was supposedly my itinerary.

Second was Indochina.

There is no need of visa. Thus the cancellation was a different thing.

Same with China, I already got a roundtrip ticket for my Indochina tour. I availed of the cheap flights of Cebu Pacific Air. I planned to start the me-week travel in Hanoi then cross the border to Laos and then through Bangkok. I have been to Vietnam twice but only Saigon; this will be my first in the northeastern part of the country. I have been to Bangkok once, but have not reach all important tourist destinations. This was supposedly my first trip to Lao PDR. My tickets Manila - Hanoi and Bangkok - Clark cost around three thiusand pesos.

Wishing to complete my Asia-Pacific, my itinerary included an overnight cruise to Halong Bay, a green themed layover at Loang Prabang, and a photoshoot in Ayutthaya. But the plan did not push through because of the nature of my new consultancy contract. Had I been with DSWD still,  leaving the office in exchange for a personally-declared holiday would be easier. Unfortunately, I left DSWD then and joined a group of consultants for DepEd project, which just started that time. So leaving the work was very difficult and kinda off yet.

I kept a record of these misses, so that I can keep track of them in my future overseas trips. Funny enough, these two cancelled trips were both scheduled in August. The supposed China tour was scheduled in August 2012, and the Indochina was in August 2013. Hope the jinx shall breaks because I have India trip in August 2014.

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