Monday, December 17, 2012

The Triumphs of KC Finance

The Financial Management Services (FMS) Division of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) held a Performance Review and Evaluation Workshop (PREW) on November 24 and 25, 2012 at Fontana Resort Villas in Clark City, Pampanga. It was the first time for the division to convene all the employees and staff, including us contractuals working for the finance units of Foreign-assisted Projects (FAPs) of the department. The gathering turned out to be review and evaluation of past performance and team-building at the same time.

We, the finance team of KALAHI-CIDSS (KC) Project showed off our prowess in all activities, both at team building games where we were scattered to different groups together with other projects and units and at workshops where we reconvene as a one unit. The resource persons noticed and congratulated us in our concrete, complete and comprehensive outputs following exactly the instructions and delivering the expected results. Our unit in fact volunteered to report during the presentation of outputs ahead of the others.

During the social nights, the convenor instructed all units to present a Christmas-themed intermission number, it can be a song, dance or role-play. We knew this beforehand but I who was tasked to organize a dance number was not always around to teach the group during working days after office hours. So we tried our best to find time to practice in between breaks during the team building activities and workshops. We danced the beat of the office theme song for the FIFA in Brazil, the Waving Flag, following the official steps with additional exhibitions and plenty of props. It was actually a competition and at the close of the social night we were declared Champion.

On December 12-15, 2012, the KC Finance Unit hosted a National Finance Team Conference to convene at Manila Grand Opera Hotel in Manila City all regional and central office Financial Analysts to review the status of liquidations and closing of the year's cycle of subprojects. On the 14th, the National Project Management Office held a Christmas Party at La Breza Hotel in Quezon City. The organizer ran several competitions among units within the central office. It was a costume party and the finance unit was assigned to wear costumes and play the roles of any character in the movie series Lord of the Rings. I took the Legolas character. Best in Costume was one of the awards of the night and I was just secondbest. Our unit presented a dance to the tune of Maria Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You and then we won the Best in Presentation award. One more win we have had as a unit was the Best in Christmas Decorations, primarily on the criterion of the recycled materials and cheapest cost of decorating.

In these two major events, we the finance people showed everyone that we have what it takes to be holistic individuals, who know how to be serious at work and be involved in extra-office activities and have fun, even win in contests.


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